OHSU ABSN June 2011 Start

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    Hello everyone,
    I heard from current students that this is about the time last year that they got the PHONE CALL that they got into the OHSU ABSN program. I haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone else?

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    Hey Lola,

    I stumbled upon this - I've applied to the ABSN as well, but haven't heard anything. I thought that decisions were supposed to be handed out the first week of April. Perhaps they are doing it later this year? Have you spoken with anyone in Admissions about this?

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    Hi JS
    I have not called admissions. I did call them when they hadn't yet called me by the end of February with the Psych NP admissions, but then received a letter in the mail in early March. I think they might be behind schedule...I just can't stand the wait. I'll post something as soon as I hear and please do the same. Good luck! Where else did you apply? Do you live here in Oregon?
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    Hey there,

    Cool - thanks for the update. I understand about the wait - it's a killer and OHSU is the last school that I'm waiting to hear from. I applied to Hopkins and Yale and was accepted at both, so now I'm just waiting to find this one out, too. I live on the East Coast now, but am looking to relocate out West for family reasons.

    Good luck to you and we shall see what happens!
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    Hi everyone!

    I just got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday! No call, which is weird because I thought they usually call...It was post-marked March 23rd, and I live in Portland so that's why it got to me so quickly.

    feathersofanarrow- I was also accepted into Hopkins, as well as Columbia. Considering Hopkins is now ranked the number 1 school in the nation I am positive you would be accepted to OHSU. I wouldn't worry too much! You should be getting the letter soon.
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    Congrats and thanks for the update. I too live in Portland, but did not get anything in the mail yesterday. Where do you think you might go?
    Congrats again!
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    Hi all! I got my acceptance letter for June! I was also accepted to UCSF for their MEPN...I'm so torn! Anyone else ultimately want to be an NP and is considering OHSU. I've been talking to a lot of nurses/NPs and I've been hearing that working as a nurse before going back for to become an NP is crucial. I'm tempted to take my time and work as a nurse first.

    Congrats to those who got in!
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    CONGRATS AGAIN to everyone who got in and waitlisted and sorry to those of you who did not get in...what are some of your other options?
    I still have not received my letter and I live in Portland. I finally called the office of admissions and they said that they sent out over 500 letters last week and I just need to wait. Problem is, PCC starts this week and I don't want to take classes (for Linfield pre-reqs) if I don't have to. Anyway, for those of you who have not yet heard, don't lose hope..If you don't hear by Friday then you can call the office and ask them to resend the letter.
    Okay, back to nail biting.
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    Boom - waitlist for me. I think they have a vendetta against out-of-staters. 500 is an awful lot of letters - we shall see how this monkey show plays out.
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    I got in to OHSU, waiting on Linfield, which is a very unsung but equally awesome school in the Portland area.

    lolac, sorry you didn't get your info in good time to decide about PCC. Hopefully you'll get it soon, and the result will be happy, and you can get as much of a refund as possible!
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