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  1. by   NurseWinn
    Welcome sunshineo!! I am not sure, I know it starts on the 24th, so obviously before then but I would not change it unless you here something different from them. I would believe their decision to hire you Will have already considered when you plan on taking the test.(assuming they already asked you about it) But I agree that you should just call and ask, did you get a business card from the person interviewing you? What unit did you interview for?

    I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for all of us!! The wait just might kill me I am going insane
  2. by   sunshineo
    Thanks for the suggestions! I interviewed for a position in the NICU. What about you?? I know, I can relate; the waiting is a killer!!
  3. by   lilredrn
    Quote from NurseWinn
    Thank you, I hope it went as good as I think it did! With only two positions open it will be a close race!

    You already got your background checked!! EEK! SO excited for you, who needs an official welcome...unless you are a mass murderer I think you got the job! Did they send you an extra email to fill out or was it just a confirmation that it was done? I think it would be awesome to get report from you in the ICU when you send them up to me!

    I feel so excited and so scared waiting to hear and I still have at least a week until anything happens! I hope everyone's interviews went well! (well maybe not that good if we are competing for the same spot.. j/k )

    Oh and she mentioned that they would call in about two weeks, when HR got all the paper work set...so I think the very beginning of July is when we will all know....
    Not a mass murderer!!! LOL! My BG check came back completely clear. They snail mailed me copies of it along with a notice in accordance w/ WA state laws. I hope they start calling soon!!!!

    Quote from sunshineo
    Hi everyone. I'm new to allnurses. I, too, had a 2nd interview for the Legacy RN Residency, on Friday. I haven't taken the NCLEX yet, and my test date is not until mid-July. I was wondering if any of you know if there is a deadline for this in regards to the Legacy program. I'm thinking about moving my test date up in case I get an offer next week, but I don't feel ready to take the test yet.
    Thanks! Best of luck to all of you!
    The FAQ sheet says you have to have the applicable state license in hand 2 weeks before the program start date... I'm scouring the FAQ and the residency web page, but can't find a start date anywhere.

    Isn't it the 28th? I think that is what I heard by word of mouth from a manager. If so, you would need it by the 14th. Not sure how flexible they would be with this if you have contacts within Legacy that know you from previous experience... If it were me, I would move my NCLEX date up. But I guess its the little things like that, that make me a wannabe ICU nurse
  4. by   lilredrn
    Quote from NurseWinn
    I am not sure, I know it starts on the 24th
    Just re-read the posts & saw this... So that would mean you would need to have the applicable license in hand by the 10th of July... (Yes, I stalk this thread!!! LOL)
  5. by   NurseWinn
    Quote from lilredrn
    Just re-read the posts & saw this... So that would mean you would need to have the applicable license in hand by the 10th of July... (Yes, I stalk this thread!!! LOL)
    Hahahaha I stalk it too!!! But I think you are right on the 28th date the 24th is for another job I am despreatly pursuing!! Lilredrn I am so happy for you in getting the position...I know it's not official but something just feels right about it!!
  6. by   sunshineo

    Good morning! I found this document stating the program will start on July 25. It also confirms that licensure must be obtained 2 weeks prior which is July 11. Good luck everyone!!
  7. by   NurseWinn
    Thank you sunshineo!! Good sleuthing skills! I just saw my name on the Washington registry, I am now officially a nurse in two states...now let the jobs line up!! BTW I am trying for the Medical Speacilties area! Here's to another day of waiting!
  8. by   2princesitas
    The starting date is July 25th.
  9. by   lilredrn
    Its the first day of July.

    The manager I interviewed with said HR would start making job offers the first week of July. I wonder if that means today or next week? I wonder if they call, mail or email?! The suspense is killing me!
  10. by   lilredrn
    Just called HR... They're closed today & Monday for the holiday. Hope everyone has a safe & happy 4th of July!
  11. by   NurseWinn
    The wait is back on!! *wine*wine

    I feel certian that today will be the day...I have no logical reason for this just a feeling. So happy waiting day everyone!
  12. by   2princesitas
    Oh, when, when are they going to call? I am going crazy! Only 2 1/2 weeks to start day, and I need to plan my life/work schedule!!
  13. by   sunshineo
    Still no word! Have any of you heard from Legacy yet??