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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information, because it is not listed on... Read More

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    why are not attending nursing school, I know it hard but can do it.
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    i am waiting to hear whether i'm accepted into the program or not. I just took my hesi exam last week and i am certain i did well on the exam. Can you give me any insight into the program at itt. I have a family and also plan to move from full-time to part-time at my current position to go to school. If i get in i want to feel confident that i made the right decision. Do you have any concerns about finding an rn position in pdx after you complete the program. Do you really think or have you heard that places won't hire you b/c you came from itt's program instead of pcc? I just don't want to leave my current employer to go back to school, and in debt with school loans again to find out i can't find employment after i've completed the program. I am ready for a change and in my heart i know it will be the right decision to go to itt if i get in. Thanks for your input and time.
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    Nobody ever responded to where ITT Tech does their clinicals in Oregon. I'm still waiting for a response. There were plenty of reponses to protect the integrity of the program, but nobody wants to talk about clinical placements. I find that to be very interesting.....
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    i don't live in oregon, but the nearst hosptial to the school is usally the clincial site or just call the school and ask and if i was you ill go by the nearst hosptial to the school and ask if itt tech nursing are doing their routions there
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    I have been reading this thread for quite a while, trying to find some solid information on the ITT program. Aside from the fact that the program is not fully accredited, which may make it very difficult and very expensive to transition from being an RN to a BSN, my main concern is the lack of information about clinical sites. The reality is that there is a large pool of new grads here in Portland, all competing for that first nursing job. Unless you are currently working in a hospital as a CNA2, your chances of employment after graduation are very dependent on your clinical placement and practicum. I find it very disturbing and suspicious that there is absolutely no information given out about where ITT places its students for clinicals. I was hoping that a current ITT student would offer this information on this forum but I finally got tired of waiting and called ITT directly. I spoke with the representative of the nursing program and she told me that ITT students are at "several long-term care facilities and mental-health facilities" in the Portland area. Then I asked her, point-blank, "Does ITT have any students placed at hospitals in Portland?" Her answer was "Yes, absolutely, but we have a non-disclosure agreement with those hospitals". She told me that they had this agreement because otherwise the hospitals would have every nursing school in the Portland area trying to get placement for their students in the same hospitals! To be honest, this sounded very shady to me. If you call any established nursing school in PDX (either CC or BSN program) they will tell you where they place their students for clinicals. They may say that the placements change from term to term but they should be able to tell you where their students have been placed in the past. Usually, this information is also on the school's website as well. I think it would be crazy to invest $55,000 in a 2-year ADN program at ITT Tech, when you can't even be assured that you are going to have clinical placements in local hospitals. How will you be competitive in the job market after you complete the program if you haven't been able to do any networking or had any experience in the large local hospitals (such as Providence, Legacy, Kaiser, or OHSU)? To me, this is a major strike against ITT Tech and I believe the "non-disclosure policy" makes them less credible. Why gamble with your future?
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    My experience with ITT Tech has been terrible. Trying to get info on their program is a joke. I even attended one of their information sessions last summer, and they still would not mention where the clinical placements actually were. They mentioned where they hoped they would be, but no actual facts. They were rude, unprofessional, and very unorganized. I would not attend that school for anything. Especially for fifty thousand dollars. No way!
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    hey guys,

    I attended the info session too a couple of weeks ago and they also weren't specific about where the clinicals where, granted I never asked for a specific example. All I know is that the lady said some clinicals may or may not be like 2 hours away. Meaning they call lots of places and ask if they can allow ITT nursing students to practice there. Well, if there's a possibility I'd have to drive 2 hours away just to do clinical work, this tells me that the local hospitals either are full and don't need extra help, or the local hospitals do not want to endorse ITT nursing students and do not have faith in the people there.

    That is my analysis in regards to clinical info. If anybody currently attending can PM me and enlighten me on this PLEASE DO SO! I am still taking the HESI on the 19th just in case I decide to go there. But this whole not knowing where clinicals are is really bothering me.

    I work at Southwest WA medical center as a CNA and they tell me that PCC and clark nursing students do clinicals there. so how come they can disclose this information but ITT can not?
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    The main reason why you will not find out where the clinicals are, is because they are likely to change from quarter to quarter. We are constantly looking for new facilities as our program is growing very quickly. 30 new students every 11 weeks. Our 2 cohorts that are doing clinical rotations right now are not yet in a hospital setting as far as I know. The first cohort may be, but I'm not positive. The 2nd cohort students are in SNF's and long term care facilities. We (3rd cohort, starting clinicals next quarter) should be receiving our clinical assignment in the next 2 weeks. I will let you all know what facilities we will be at. I'm very happy with the program, and I'm glad I'm no longer in the community college setting.
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    Hi Steener,
    Thanks for posting a reply and giving some information from a current ITT Tech student's perspective. I can appreciate that the program is new and that the clinical sites have the potential to change. Certainly it is important to have exposure to LTC and skilled nursing facilities during nursing school. All of the nursing schools that I know of in Portland have their students completing a portion of their clinical hours in these facilities. However, it would make me very wary of a program if they cannot ( or will not) tell me: "Our students are currently in X,Y,Z hospitals for acute care clinical experience and practicums (or 'we have contracts to place our students in X,Y,Z hospitals') will be in one or more of these hospital for ___ number of clinical hours during our program."
    Obviously, it is much easier to find placement for nursing students in the numerous LTC/skilled nursing facilities in the Portland area than in the hospitals. But what will happen if you choose ITT Tech and your entire clinical experience (or even the bulk of it) is done in these facilities, rather than in a hospital setting? Even if ITT does a great job preparing its students to pass the NCLEX exams, will it really be preparing its new grads for a competitive job market if they haven't had clinical experience in hospitals? Aside from the lack of opportunity to network, how will it affect the ITT grad's ability to respond to interview questions when applying for a hospital job?
    Most potential nursing students are looking at taking thousands of dollars in loans in order to finance our educations. We justify getting ourselves into debt by assuring ourselves that we will be able to get a nursing job immediately after graduation with a wage that can be depended on to cover our loan payments. Before taking out loans to finance ITT's $50,000 program, I think it is a prospective student's right to have a commitment from the school regarding the clinical sites, as these clinical sites have a direct connection to the student's potential success in obtaining jobs in local hospitals (and repaying those student loans)! I realize that this is just my opinion, but I think it's an important issue to consider before choosing ITT.
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