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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information,... Read More

  1. by   christinamuniz
    The main reason why you will not find out where the clinicals are, is because they are likely to change from quarter to quarter. We are constantly looking for new facilities as our program is growing very quickly. 30 new students every 11 weeks. Our 2 cohorts that are doing clinical rotations right now are not yet in a hospital setting as far as I know. The first cohort may be, but I'm not positive. The 2nd cohort students are in SNF's and long term care facilities. We (3rd cohort, starting clinicals next quarter) should be receiving our clinical assignment in the next 2 weeks. I will let you all know what facilities we will be at. I'm very happy with the program, and I'm glad I'm no longer in the community college setting.
  2. by   matsalleh
    Hi Steener,
    Thanks for posting a reply and giving some information from a current ITT Tech student's perspective. I can appreciate that the program is new and that the clinical sites have the potential to change. Certainly it is important to have exposure to LTC and skilled nursing facilities during nursing school. All of the nursing schools that I know of in Portland have their students completing a portion of their clinical hours in these facilities. However, it would make me very wary of a program if they cannot ( or will not) tell me: "Our students are currently in X,Y,Z hospitals for acute care clinical experience and practicums (or 'we have contracts to place our students in X,Y,Z hospitals') will be in one or more of these hospital for ___ number of clinical hours during our program."
    Obviously, it is much easier to find placement for nursing students in the numerous LTC/skilled nursing facilities in the Portland area than in the hospitals. But what will happen if you choose ITT Tech and your entire clinical experience (or even the bulk of it) is done in these facilities, rather than in a hospital setting? Even if ITT does a great job preparing its students to pass the NCLEX exams, will it really be preparing its new grads for a competitive job market if they haven't had clinical experience in hospitals? Aside from the lack of opportunity to network, how will it affect the ITT grad's ability to respond to interview questions when applying for a hospital job?
    Most potential nursing students are looking at taking thousands of dollars in loans in order to finance our educations. We justify getting ourselves into debt by assuring ourselves that we will be able to get a nursing job immediately after graduation with a wage that can be depended on to cover our loan payments. Before taking out loans to finance ITT's $50,000 program, I think it is a prospective student's right to have a commitment from the school regarding the clinical sites, as these clinical sites have a direct connection to the student's potential success in obtaining jobs in local hospitals (and repaying those student loans)! I realize that this is just my opinion, but I think it's an important issue to consider before choosing ITT.
  3. by   christinamuniz
    Because clinicals are very new to our school, they are still setting up agreements with locations. We will be in hospitals for clinicals, but for our fist quarter of clinicals we are not focusing on specialties that require hospital stays. If they don't have a location set up, they can't tell you where it's going to be. When starting a new program (the program began in June of 2010), there is a lot that needs to be set up, and hospitals and other facilities aren't willing to set up a clinical experience 9 months before the date of clinicals. Also, our facilities are set up on a quarter by quarter basis. Just because our school is at a specific facility this quarter, they might want to host another schools program next quarter, or our instructors might not want to return to that facility next time.
  4. by   abree0323
    oh ok nvm steener you don't need to PM me I replied in the other thread asking you the same question but you answered it here lol. thanks again. Still it would help to get some exact locations!
  5. by   scc1975
    Hello Every1, I'm not for sure where you all are located, but Here in Michigan, ITT Nursing Students Clinical
    Sites are at Various Hospitals, St. John Providence Health Systems( 4 Hospitals in this Health System), Detroit Medical Center(4 Hospitals including Children's Hospital Of Michigan, Oakwood Hospital and Medical Center, Henry Ford Health System and Medical Center and of course Long Term Facilities. I went to the Informational Meeting here and when we asked where the clinical sites were, they gave us the information with no problem. I've seen some of ITT Nursing students at my facility and stop and ask them How they like the program, the answer was they loved it! They had 1 more year to go. I can't wait I start in March, 2012. After waiting for 2.5 years ITT Here I come. I will pay the $30,000.00 and do a loan forgiveness through my job, they will pay for it as long as I work for them for 2 Years.
  6. by   dmrefined
    So is the total cost of your program $30000?

    Thank you!
  7. by   scc1975
    Once all my GE classes transfer over,And use my two scholarships (one from SGNA-Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates $2,500 and $3,000 (Nurse Stipend) through my job. The cost drop, so my cost may be around $35,000 to $40,000 when its all said and done. So it varies if you have have some classes that can be transfered over from a CC or UV that cuts the cost alot...look into scholarships as well so you don't have to pay so much. I'm looking into a few more before March.
  8. by   scc1975
    This Nursing program at ITT is very costly, however I choose to go this route to obtain my degree.
    @dmrefined are you in the program? or Are you considering the Nursing Program at ITT?
  9. by   pjcna27
    That cool, all my GE classes transfer as well so my tution is 19,000 employed florida grant me 6,500 and my job gave me 2,500 and a job placement afterwards (2years) so that leaves me 1000 grand I can paid for when income taxes come. That leave me to just worried about school and study real hard for my class and the nclex
  10. by   JAGS
    FYI: ITT Technical Institute is no longer attempting to get NLNAC accreditation for ANY of their campuses. A couple of campuses have graduated nurses and the graduates are having trouble finding jobs, just like everyone else....

    To the person who wrote they graduated from ITT and have a job in Legacy - this is impossible as the Portland program started in June 2010 and will not graduate their first class of nurses until December 2012.

    ITT has started their own RN to BSN online program and they want ALL of their ADN grads to continue on in this program to a tune of more than $500 a credit hour. If you do the math, the students will owe over 100K for both the ADN and the BSN from a for-profit, career college with a questionable reputation.

    For those looking to start in a nursing program, do not be fooled: this is not the program you want. Many campuses throughout the US lack quality instructors and clinical sites. For instance, the clinical sites for the Portland campus are similar to those of an LPN program. Think, do you want a RN degree that only has LPN experience? I have looked into the school- several campuses, asking the Directors of nursing hard questions.

    I spoke to a former student in one of their other degree programs at another campus. He told me that the financial aid people wrote on his financial aid forms "0% interest" for his loans at that was the only reason he went to that ITT. There is no such thing as a zero percent loan at a for-profit college. This is false and a misrepresentation of the facts. Upon leaving the school because of problems with bad instructors, he found out that his interest rate was much higher than 0%. Ask yourself this, if a college does this, what other corners are they cutting just to fill their seats? Are they really in education for the students or just for the money? Somehow, I think it is just for the later reason.

    Go to the Portland campus and ask the students if the promises they were made when they signed up for the program have been kept. Ask the students how many instructors have been hired and fired in the past year. Ask the students about the quality of their instructors. Ask the students if they are getting the tutoring they were promised. Ask the students about their clinical sites. Call the NLNAC and find out when they are going out to the Indiana campus to complete the accreditation process (I called the IN campus and asked for Donna Austgen, the listed Nursing Program Chair for that campus and she's not there anymore). The campuses in FL are graduating students, how come they aren't on the candidate list for the NLNAC.....Ask these hard questions....What you will find may surprise and horrify you. If what you find horrifies you as it did me, then post what you found so others can make an informed decision, after all, isn't that the basis of nursing/healthcare: informed decisions.
  11. by   pjcna27
    can u please let me know how you like itt tech because I still have question thank you
  12. by   JAGS
    I don't. I am watching how they treat students and it is so wrong.
  13. by   christinamuniz
    JAGS, are you a current student at Portland?