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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information, because it is not listed on... Read More

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    Quote from thinline38
    In texas there is no problem.., The school is great..,
    what up steener7

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    This is the first time I've stumbled across this thread and the first time I've decided to post since registering for the site.

    It sounds as if it really depends on the location of the school as to whether or not ITT's having any success with their new nursing program. I'll agree with bevtag and say that the OKC campus is wonderful!! Although, my opinion is not only biased because I just graduated with her class last Saturday, but also because of everything else she's had to say about the OKC program.

    The classes start off with a decent number of students and, as quarters pass, the weeding out process begins. If you're not in it for the long run and can't/won't handle the enormous amount of time and stress involved with taking an accelerated course, then this is not for you. For that matter, nursing might not be up your alley either. You have to do what you have to do and make the most of what you have to work with. It's all about tapping your resources effectively and making a commitment. You'll also be required to have the complete support from your family and loved ones too. Just as they are a invaluable source of support for any patient, they will also be pertinent for your success as well.

    The cost is large, that's for sure. Many people are looking toward this profession because there's a very decent living to be made. If you're in this for the money then I hope I don't end up working on a floor with you It's supposed to be about the patients, and having patience for you patients, and doing what's in their best interests as their advocate. I had to take every prerequisite class along with the nursing classes each quarter and now I owe about $50K... and I don't care. If I decide to take their BSN course later down the line after it's offered, and I pay down my student loans a bit, then I don't mind paying another $50K for it if that's what it costs. I will further my education beyond what I just completed some time down the line somewhere. And one of the best things about becoming a RN is that I'll never stop learning on a daily basis no matter what. Fear of monotony is now in my past.

    So, if you're in the OKC region and looking for a great nursing school then I definitely recommend ITT. The instructors all take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with the material you have to cover and are willing continue going over it as many times as necessary until you have it mastered. They are all very personable and genuinely interested in your education; not only for your sake, but for the sake of the lives you will be responsible for some day.

    I hope somebody comes along and finds some use in this post. Future, here I come with degree in hand
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    So did your ITT campus have anything to help you find a job now that you've graduated?
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    Quote from abree0323
    So did your ITT campus have anything to help you find a job now that you've graduated?
    Our Career Services department requests they have a copy of your resume on hand and helps in every way possible to help you put your new skills to work. During my last quarter, in Leadership, putting together a resume was part of our grade and they had wonderful advice for what's expected according to the most current format. Everyone had to go through at least one mock interview before graduating too so they could identify any potential weaknesses and give you pointers. Also, if you have a place in mind that you're interested in working at then mention it to someone in Career Services. They have job fairs right on campus regularly and can petition to have a recruiter from certain hospitals present.

    Most of the places I'm interested in working at are hospitals I've made contacts with during clinicals and where I already have some experience with their charting programs (i.e., EPIC, Meditech, and/or paper charting). These places already have jobs posted on their websites and I just comb through them looking for something I'm either interested in or think I'm currently qualified for and click the apply button. Here in OKC, there are dozens of jobs to choose from.

    I still have to sit for boards and attain licensure, but one job I applied for yesterday required either a current state license or to be eligible for immediate licensure. I can sit for boards any time so I applied. If I don't get called in for an interview then that's fine. Everything will fall into place in due time. I'm just relived to finally be out of school for now. I'm sure you will be too.

    Good luck!!

    P.S. Use your clinical and classroom instructors as references and list them on a page separate from your resume. It's likely that these people have worked at the places you'll doing clinicals at and will already know people you can speak with about opportunities. I even asked my Chair of Nursing if I could list her and put her contact info down. Use the multitude of resources to your advantage and list your clinical skills on your resume too. And remember, every clinical rotation is like an interview all in itself. The nurses you work around will notice your performance so make them all memorable in a positive way.
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    i just want to know of any itt tech graduates if they were able to find jobs?
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    anyone thinking of going to the itt tech in fortmyers?
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    im thinking of going to itt in fort myers fl. any advice
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    Registered at itt tech for the RN program.Passed the HESI on the second try. Im really nervous about this school because of all the negative feedback ive recieved. I dont want to invest 40k+ on a program that i wont be able to learn anything to past the N-CLEX. Anyone have any feedback?
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    i talk to one of the students and she said that she loves it eventhough its exspendsive as hell she loves it. Three time a week 9- 130p M, W fridays 130pm -6pm they go though all the hosptials around the school, naples, lee and charlet county area. I fail the first time on the hesi study my ass off and going back again for it
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    Quote from scv77
    im thinking of going to itt in fort myers fl. any advice
    just go with it, its small but there's no waiting list they take student every quarter for the nursing.

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