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I was on the Oregon Board of Nursing page today and I saw that ITT Tech in Portland has been granted "initial approval" for an Associates in Nursing program!!! I called ITT to get more information,... Read More

  1. by   NurseToBe3
    Quote from portland nurse
    I have a friend who is going to start her final semester at ITT nursing in Portland. She has not set foot in a hospital, nor has the class that graduated a head of her. They have been in nursing homes. They did their pediatric rotation in a day care center.

    What hospital would hire a nurse who went through school without setting foot in a hospital? If she's lucky a desparate nsg home might hire her. And 40 grand in debt for nontranserable hours. This is a disgrace.
    I would be careful of where you get your info. ITT Portland hasn't graduated a class yet and wont until September, so your friend will be the first class to graduate. It's going to be hard for a new nursing program to get good clinical sites when there are so many established programs around, but it sounds like they are working on it. Also, it doesn't seem likely that they went to a daycare for Peds experience. We went to a preschool for a small amount of our peds experience and my school has been around for a few decades. Obviously we weren't there full days, but we did fluoride on their teeth, checked their vision and hearing, did some nutritional teaching, etc. We go every term and do something different, so that makes up some of our peds hours. Hopefully ITT improves their clinical sites quickly and their students get the experience they need. Those students invest a lot and deserve a good education!
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    Well put...
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    I am an ITT graduate in the state of Michigan and we actually had very good clinical experience with very reputable hospitals. I graduated in June and got into a hospital right after passing boards and so did many of my peers. There were some bumps along the way but we all made it through. I believe there is always more than one way to get to a goal and I am now living my dream...
  4. by   the.truth.ferret
    I am a former employee at ITT. It's all a money making scam, people.

    ITT is a "for-profit" school that is only in business to make money for shareholders. Their educational standards have been proven to be low and their credits will not transfer any where, sometimes not even to another ITT campus.

    Their tuition is round $20,000 for one academic year which is three quarters. They operate by getting students on Federal student financial aid, Pell grant and Stafford loans, although these will in no way cover the full cost so at some point you will have to take out some high-interest private loans. As well, your loan aggregate amount for an independent student is $57,500 while a Bachelor degree cost is $80,000. You will have to either get private loans or pay cash to cover the difference.

    ITT has been and is currently embroiled in many lawsuits and investigations by the Department of Justice, the Department of Education, the SEC, the Governmental Accountability Office, as well as many former employees and students for fraud.

    Please do some research before you ruin your life. Start here:

    ITT Technical Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My ITT Experience

    For-Profit Colleges

    ITT grads claim deception in lawsuit - Houston Chronicle

    ITT Educational Services, Inc. Under Long Term Investor Investigation | Shareholders Foundation
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    And I can recognize ITT's PR staff's comments on this site also. Don't fall for it.
  6. by   NurseToBe3
    the.truth.ferret- What ITT Tech location did you work at? I have heard plenty of bad things about their school, but the Portland ITT Tech just had 100% pass rate on their NCLEX for summer term (graduated in Aug). The students that just graduated last month haven't all taken their NCLEX yet. My husband goes to this ITT and it definitely has its problems, but I haven't ever heard of anyone that didn't complain about their nursing program. I am almost done with my nursing program at a very reputable school and I have TONS of complains (as does everyone else in my class). The main point is to get through it, learn as much as you can and learn the rest once you graduate. I have heard over and over that the majority of your learning is done on the floor once you get your first nursing job. Nursing school is just to cover the basics and give you a foundation to learn more after graduation. I looked through some of those sites you posted and they didn't all seem super credible. There are always people looking to make a buck. And honestly some of the people that attend trade schools don't always put the effort in, then they want their money back after they fail. Think of how many students successfully graduate and how many students file lawsuits or complaints. Obviously you hear more about the negatives than the positives. I think the nursing students (for the most part) are willing to work harder than your average "trade school student". Most of them are probably attending because they didn't get into another school- not because they aren't smart enough, but because there are thousands of applicants for a few hundred spots. Whatever your background with the school, just remember there are always two sides to every story.
  7. by   matsalleh
    What ITT Tech location did you work at? I have heard plenty of bad things about their school, but the Portland ITT Tech just had 100% pass rate on their NCLEX for summer term (graduated in Aug). The students that just graduated last month haven't all taken their NCLEX yet.

    It's good that ITT Portland had a 100% NCLEX pass rate, but it seems to me that the major question that have been posed on this forum are whether or not the ITT RN program is going to offer its students a degree that will allow them to compete on a level playing field for jobs in the competitive market for newly graduated nurses here in Portland? Passing the NCLEX is only the first step.

    From what I have seen at the major hospitals in this area (OHSU, Legacy, and Providence), they all advertise for "graduates from accredited nursing schools." Do they recognize ITT as being accredited? There are loads of BSN graduates from Linfield, UP, and OHSU, who have had clinicals and practicums at the major hospitals, and they are struggling to get hired by these hospitals. Many associate's degree graduates from community colleges have also had clinical opportunities at these hospitals, but they are finding it difficult to get jobs too.

    So, if you spend all that money to go to ITT, and don't have a chance to do your clinicals and network at the major hospitals, and your nursing school has questionable accreditation, and your only option for getting a BSN is to spend a lot more money at ITT it really worth it? If you can't get hired after all that money and hard work, then what's the point? What has been the experience of these ITT grads in the job market (in Portland, OR)? I realize that the program is new and it may be too early to make a judgment, but seriously...if hospitals aren't going to hire ITT grads, then what is the point in spending all that money on the program?
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    Quote from mikvegas123
    DIdn't you guys read the other posts? AN itt tech graduate has a job at legacy in the portland area. I guess she is 8 years ahead of you!!! Dont mean to be sarcastic, but come on really???? You might think your helping people out, but your not. I said it before. Some people have their reason like family for instance why they cant attend traditional colleges. Give them a break and let them have their dreams. Some people cant wait 8 years.. I have personally called some colleges that will take itt tech into their Adn to Rn programs. All you have to do is call a few of them. I will list them here in the future. And those schools where nlnac acreddited. Plus Itt tech is in application status for the nlnac in indiana. And from what I hear there are not many schools that have ever been denied. And also if the school was not legit than why are they acreddited by so many state boards and the students are able to sit for the exam? Like I said I have met some horrible nurses that went to traditional colleges. Maybe you are the ones on here making a big fuss because you had to go to school for eight years and now there is a chance to for people to further their careers faster. You must be mad at those thousands of foreign nurses coming over to the united states and getting jobs easily. They are not nlnac acreddited. So lets all get along!!!!!
    God bless u for pointing out this!
  9. by   christinamuniz
    So, I graduated from ITT Portland on March 29th. I took and passed my NCLEX, my RN license posted on April 29th. I was hired at a hospital on May 21st, and I start my first job as an RN on Thursday. Yes the program had it's ups and downs, but the bottom line is that the 4th cohort will be graduating next week, and so far the first 2 cohorts had 100% NCLEX pass rate, I believe one or two didn't pass the NCLEX in the 3rd cohort, but I'm not positive.
  10. by   KayKayBenson
    Im attending ITT Tech in Dayton, Ohio. I am currently in my 4th week and so far I'm happy with the program. I love that im not in class 5 days a week from 8am-6p like other nursing schools are requesting.
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    Steener77 will you please email me I have some questions
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    Hello steener, could you please email me. I have a few questions because I am interested in the program at Breckinridge. My email is
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    Steener, hi I am very interested to talk with you about your itt experience. I am looking to apply this fall and am thrown off by all the negative comments. Could you please email me as well?