Don't move to Oregon if you're a new grad

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    Oregon is so overly saturated with nurses that facilities are just not hiring. There are lots of positions for experienced nurses but nobody is willing to invest the time/money into new grads. There are literally hundreds of new grads right now looking for work.
    I've lived in Oregon my whole life and now I'm having to contemplate leaving for the East coast or something

    I wish everyone the best but it worries me to see so many people writing in about relocating to Oregon.
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    ::above post, so true!
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    Well..provided I get into a program, I'm accepting of the fact I will have to move to some deserted area of the US to find the first job.
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    I'm hoping that if I get in the economy will turn around and hospitals that are understaffed will have the funds to start hiring to fill their nursing shortages that we so often hear about. Either that, or it'll be a good excuse to move closer to MY family!
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    Hello everyone, I am an ASN student, graduating in May 2011 and I live in Ky. My dream has been to move to Astoria, OR after graduation with my son and live happily ever after, lol. After reading the recent posts about the job market, it has given me a big wake up call, and makes me very sad.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say to those who live in Oregon and are having trouble finding a job and are considering moving to the East coast, please hesitate before considering Kentucky. I have friends who are Nurses and the job issues here are the same. No one is hiring and those who are want the BSN experienced nurses only. I am scared for my job future.
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    I don't think the new grad hiring issue is regional. I think everyone is experiencing that problem across the country.

    As an experienced nurse, I've been hoping for a turn in the economy as well.
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    Yes, this is a national situation. There are plenty of BSN's with experience out there looking for work. This in part is prompting me to work on a backup plan relative to a career. I see no point in lugging tons of college debt around for a dead market.
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    To NursesRGr8t,

    I graduated from the nursing program at the community college in Astoria. Their program was 24 students and is now 20. There are 2 hospitals in that area. Astoria, and Seaside which is about a half hour south of Seaside. A lot of the students that are from the college do their clinicals between these 2 colleges and another down in Tillamook which is an hour further south of Seaside. I strongly recommend securing a job at either one of these hospitals before you up and move. The majority of nurses dont leave these hospitals very often, and a lot of the graduates from the college get the jobs at these hospitals. Most of the people that live on the coast are in the coast gaurd. Both Seaside (which is a providence facility) and Columbia Memorial Hospital are great places to work. I did my preceptorship on med/surge at CMH and loved it. Wanted to get a job there but got the run around with the med/surge nurse manager. Good luck to you though.
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    I have to agree about not moving to Oregon. It is very tough here. Also, if you can, get a job where you are and keep it. I am also extremely skeptical about the economy, I don't think that things are going to turn around soon. Make careful decisions. prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.
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    Unfortunately, JulieB71 is pretty accurate in her first statement. The only guaranteed way to get a job in Oregon would be to apply and be awarded the Providence scholarship. Not only do you get into a great nursing school (all tuition paid for) but you also will be guaranteed a position in one of the great Oregon Providence hospitals. Here's a link:

    I know a number of people who got into the program that were not Oregon residents.

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