Chemeketa 2018

  1. Anyone else getting ready to apply for the 2018 nursing program?
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  3. by   Brittany.perkins
    I am! I will be taking BI232 this term (fall) and BI233 next term. I have the rest of the prerequisites finished and I am getting excited to apply in February.
  4. by   L.Whitney
    I am, too! Finished all the prerequisites during fall term, and anxiously awaiting being able to apply!
  5. by   shimmer99
    I will be! I am currently taking the writing course this term and then will be all finished with pre-reqs. Getting nervous!

    I also just read the thread for the 2017 applicants, it was inspiring and had some good info in regards to our entrance test.
  6. by   mlandis63
    I am too! I just got my email from Enrollment Services that my application is complete! I read the 2017 applicant threads as well and there was a lot of good info. Did anyone apply last year? I applied last year (didn't get in, obviously haha) and got a 46 on the prenursing test. I am torn about retaking the test or using my old score. I know from reading last years posts that every point counts!
  7. by   Brittany.perkins
    You should definitely retake the Kaplan test! From what I understand 89 is full points. If you can raise your score higher, you'll have a better chance on getting in.
    I just received my acceptance email for my application too!! So exciting! I'm studying away for this entrance exam. Good luck!
  8. by   mlandis63
    Thanks Brittany! Good luck to you too! I will retake it. I want all those points! I retook two classes last year so I am up to full points with grades. Full points on the test would be amazing! Time to study!