update on call pay- what are you making?

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    I am in rural Maryland hospital that is currently looking in to it's call situation. Like anywhere, morale is an issue. We currently make $2.50/hr on call, and make straight time when working until we get to 40 hours. We work a lot of call, and tend to feel beat up much of the time. Management is looking to see how our call pay "measures up". Any thoughts?
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    We've been stuck at $2/hour for the last 15-20 years. However, staying at least a half hour past end of shift or getting called in is a guaranteed 2 hours minimum of time and a half, regardless of reaching 40 hours or not. We've been trying to get the pay raised, even gathered information from other area hospitals proving that they pay at least $2 more per hour, but it falls on deaf ears.
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    Rose thanks for responding. Where are you located?
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    $2.50 to carry the pager. Time and a half for a minimum of 2 hours if called in. Our overtime is time and a half for anything over 40 hrs in that week. Overtime is time and a half whether we work 40 hours or not n
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    Our call pay so far is similiar, but the way you are paid for call is way different. Good information to know!
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    $5 an hr to be on call and time and a half for at least 4 hours if called in. Wilmington De
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    In my facility, we get paid $12/hr on weekdays, $13/hr on weekends. We get paid, time and a half, a minimum of 4 hours each time we get called in.
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    I am sure a rural hospital has stricter pay scales, but where I work in Downtown Denver, CO. we make $4 an hour for being on call. When we get called in, we automatically get paid for 2 hours of call time when we clock in plus however long we are there. Our callback pay is our base pay + $20 an hour.
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    Thanks for all the info! This is so helpful
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    in NY its 112$ for an 8 hour shift I believe, and 175 for a 12.

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