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I am in rural Maryland hospital that is currently looking in to it's call situation. Like anywhere, morale is an issue. We currently make $2.50/hr on call, and make straight time when working until we get to 40 hours. We work... Read More

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    3$/hr for being on call and time and a half when you are called in BUT we have scheduled "late days" where you are on call for a few hours past your 8hr shift and if you have to stay you only get paid time and half for that if it puts you over 40hrs/week. If you go home and get called back in for those shifts it's time and a half. Its confusing and weird. Where I worked last it was 2$/hr and time a half regardless if you worked your 40 hours and automatic 2 hours of pay if you clocked in.

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    $1.50/hr call pay, 2 hour minimum paid on callback, and no special pay pay for callbacks. Overtime was only anything past 40 hours a week. Level 1 trauma center with 35 OR's. I always knew it seemed low, more so after reading the other responses! I figure its low because callbacks do not occur often (except for the transplant team and endo vascular team), as it is staffed 24/7. They used to pay RVU pay to the primary circulator and primary scrub, but quit a few years ago. That was awesome pay when they did that!
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    I haven't started yet but was told call was 4.00 hr - on call twice a month (first call one weekend and second call the next) If called in we get time and a half. Not sure about any guaranteed hours if called in but plan to ask when I start next week.

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    I am in rural Idaho. We get $3 per hour to be on call. If called in, we get minimum 2 hours of time and a half. All hours worked on call are time and a half. Our overtime policy is that any hours over your designated shift for that day is paid at your hourly rate plus an hourly incentive pay....for example my scheduled shift is 6A-4:30P. If I stay until 5:30 to finish a case, I get my hourly rate + $0.75 an hour. Which doesn't seem like a lot, but it adds up especially in the busy season. In addition, all hours over 40 in a week get time and a half. So those extra hours early in the week add to the total hours & in our busy season we are often into overtime halfway through a scheduled shift late in the week. The downside to all this, our base rate is lower than most of the other places around here. When I came to this facility 3 years ago, I took a small pay cut. But it was a great move for me regardless...
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    $5/hour $8.70 if we are required to sleep at the hospital. We get paid 30 minutes each time we have to drive in.
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    We were getting $4.00 an hour for call. Straight time until 40 hours then time and a half but by the end of the week, we had been sent home so often that it was rare to get time and a half.
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    Ours is $7.50 an hour then time and a half if you got called, 3 hrs minimum then double pay after midnight

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