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  1. 0 Has anyone taken or been required to take the TNCC course as an operating room RN? I recently saw this listed as a preferred qualification in addition to CNOR for a job listing - is this common? If you took the course, was it beneficial to your practice?
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    Having taken TNCC as an ED nurse and I have worked in the OR in the open heart suite....I think it would be beneficial for the OR nurses in the care of the trauma patient. It isn't' just based on Trauma emergent care but encompasses the body as a whole and it's response to trauma and the special needs of the trauma patient itself. It doesn't encompass the OR nurse per se but the uniqueness of the trauma patient in those first precious hours/days that ensure the initial injury. The importance of being aware of concurrent injuries in the presence of distracting injuries and the treatment that they require...

    Education is never a bad thing but I think you would appreciate this course and find it useful/beneficial.
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    I'm a travel OR nurse. More hospitals are opening "trauma centers"; in fact I was contracted to do "only trauma" in South FL. The ED team all took the TNCC course, but the OR team members weren't TNCC. I've seen it as a requirement for hospital ORs that have trauma facilities. I haven't taken it, and probably won't as there's plenty of jobs for me without it. But as Esme says education is always a good thing. Heard its tough, though and probably pricey.
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    I had no clue that TNCC was an option for the OR nurse.

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