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Hey y'all! Quick question- I'm not very far along in my pregnancy OR my career... ;-) I'm a new grad at an ASC. I love it, and feedback from preceptors and charge nurse has been very positive so far, but I've recently started... Read More

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    I just had a baby in April...went into labor just before bringing our first pt back for a 0730 case! Got to conveniently waddle up to L&D and had the baby 2 hrs later. Fortunately, I work with a lot of compassionate nurses who completely understood all the fun stuff we endure during pregnancy. I was really nauseous in my first and third trimester. I ate mints and tried to eat crackers early in the morning. I worked my butt off while I was pregnant. I would try to hold back any vomiting episodes but sometimes you can't help it. There were two instances I had to call the board and ask for temporary relief so I could go to the restroom. In my opinion, most of your coworkers will be understanding and helpful because you are a hard worker and for those who aren't....screw em! Like you said, pregnancy is temporary and as nurses, we should be supportive of each other. Try not to worry about what others will think. Take care of yourself and move at the pace you are comfortable with. In the past yr, I've worked with 2 nurses and a scrub who all went on bed rest between 34-36 weeks because of contractions and other complications. You sound like you have a positive attitude and I'm betting your coworkers appreciate that and will be understanding.
    Thanks so much! Haha after missing 3 days of work this week and coming back with zofran and sea band bracelets, I'm pretty sure everybody's figured it out by now. But zofran is saving me so far, thank goodness. That's so cute you went into labor at work!! I do work hard and do try to stay positive and I hope that it shines through even when I'm a bit green in the face. Thanks for reaching out!

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