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Having worked in the OR for years, have you developed any pet peeve? Stuff co-workers do that bugs you...daily situations that irritate you? I'm really easy going most of the time but on a looong... Read More

  1. by   Argo
    Like a gynecare morselator!!! Yeah lets keep trying to post lsh's....
  2. by   ShariDCST
    Quote from travel nurse2009
    [font=book antiqua]just one of the many pet peeves, there are so many, is the surgeon asking for equipment/or suture that we have had back ordered for weeks which he/she is well aware of but they still say "but i just used it yesterday".
    "right - and you used up the last one we had/all of it when you did that - so now it's gone!"

    "in which parallel universe?"

    "must have been a different hospital - we haven't had any here for (fill in the blank) weeks/months now."

    "you must have been asleep for weeks/months then - because that's how long it's been since we've had any here."

    choose any or all of the above - whatever fits your particular needs/mood/facility policy/etc................
  3. by   goats'r'us
    there are a few niggly things that annoy me, but my biggest peeve is the assumption my a small section of society that I get some perverse pleasure out of working with patients who are unconscious, or worse, that I get some sort of pleasure out of seeing my patient all trussed up and positioned with their bits on show!
    Similarly, the amount of times I've heard some variation of 'how can she (gay female colleague) say gynae surgery makes her squeamish? She loves vaginas!'.

    in case I'm not being clear enough, surgery has nothing to do with sex!
  4. by   goats'r'us
    sorry, am a little sensitive at the moment. had this poor teenaged girl come in recently for an ortho procedure, shaking and crying and generally terrified because her mother had stressed to her that she should make sure her underwear was still on when she woke up because 'once you're asleep they can do anything they like to you and you can't stop them, and you'll never know if they violated you'.
    thanks mum, way to prepare your daughter for her knee scope.
  5. by   RNOTODAY
    a patient accepting an organ, but refuses any blood products. *****
    doesnt an ORGAN supercede blood? It makes no sense to me....
    Furthermore, I dont think they should be allowed to get the organ. If they need blood products, and die, of something so simple as not receiving blood, than that organ is wasted when someone else could have had it.
  6. by   goats'r'us
    Quote from RNOTODAY
    a patient accepting an organ, but refuses any blood products. *****
    doesnt an ORGAN supercede blood? It makes no sense to me....
    Furthermore, I dont think they should be allowed to get the organ. If they need blood products, and die, of something so simple as not receiving blood, than that organ is wasted when someone else could have had it.
    it's probably no use telling you this, since I can't actually produce the article, but I did an assignment on organ transplantation and found this great article that explained quite clearly and practically the reasons why certain religions say yes to organs but not blood and vice versa.

    I still thought after reading it that if someones willing to give you something to make your life better/easier/healthier with no health benefit for themselves, repay their kindness by grabbing it with both hands and making the most of it, but it helped me to actually understand why other people might feel differently, rather than just thinking 'well it's their choice'.

    In a practical sense though, I've never seen a transplant where the patient hasn't been given blood, and if i was a transplant surgeon or an anaesthetist, I reckon I'd feel pretty edgy operating without that option.
  7. by   mercys
    Yeah I agree with everything,but I scrub and often ask for suture one at a time. I expect the nurse to bring back several if she has to leave room. With the cost of everything I am not putting unused suture in the trash. Yes i agree that if there is a large incision ask for enough at the time. I open very conservitly unless it is a emergency and time is critical.
  8. by   canesdukegirl
    How about techs that don't read the preference card and then ask you for things during the case that they should have pulled? I had a tech do this to me repeatedly. When I asked her why she didn't pull some of the things she obviously needed for the case, she replied, "Well, that is your JOB. You are supposed to run and get things for me." I just shook my head and said, "I am not a glorified waitress for you, and my job is to take care of the PATIENT." She didn't get it...
    Another pet peeve of mine is when you are gathering all of your supplies, Central Sterile is suddenly out of things like, oh a MAYO STAND COVER or a back table cover-so frustrating! Then when you explain to the surgeon that you can't start the case because you are still gathering supplies, they get mad and blame YOU!
    I think this pet peeve is my favorite one: You are told you have an urgent case to do. You set up your room, help the tech open, and when you go and see the patient in holding, they have NO CONSENT! Nevermind the fact that they have been in the hospital for days and the progress notes the day before state that the plan is to go to the OR. This is especially tedious when the patient is either a ward of the state or lives in a nursing home with no family to sign the consent. Then you have to get the state administrators on board, alert the surgeons to the delay and then get an earful from all parties...the poor patient is the one who suffers for the delay.
  9. by   canesdukegirl
    Oh that is awful! Poor girl!
  10. by   canesdukegirl
    Quote from I love the OR
    I am an experienced OR RN and I work with amazing team members... If I hear "CAN YOU PLEASE GET SOMEBODY IN HERE THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!" from another surgeon who is upset because of something he did... I am going to reply, "LIKE WHO SIR? YOUR PARTNER?" LOL

    My peeve would be working hard every single day, every single case only to be told, "IT'S NOT HARD PEOPLE. A MONKEY COULD DO YOUR JOB.". Really, because you had to wait for your unexpected need while I run down the hall and retrieve your request?
    This happens almost everyday in my OR. It is so demeaning! I start to wonder if I should be getting tips at the end of the day, because my nursing degree seems to be worthless, but thank goodness I learned how to multi-task and gopher while I was a waitress during nursing school!
  11. by   canesdukegirl
    Quote from MamaCheese
    Med students and residents who don't introduce themselves or write their name on the board. They then proceed to scrub and look shocked and annoyed when you don't magically produce their gloves from the field.

    Free people who think their one and only job is to provide breaks and lunch. How about giving a hand turning over rooms, making rounds to see what we need, throwing scopes in the steris, pulling extras for our cases instead of sitting on your butt at the desk? And these same underachievers are the free people almost all of the time

    Patients who make it all the way to the holding area without consents, power of attorneys, ucgs/hcgs, etc...

    I could think of so many more....
    The free people who are underachievers! You are so right! I used to work at a very nice hospital in Asheville NC when I was a traveler, and EVERYONE helped with the turnover-including the nurse manager, the free people, the team leaders...and that is why they consistently had 8 minute turnover times. It was great.
  12. by   canesdukegirl
    Quote from otiscokat
    My biggest pet peeve is getting in the grove with my team, my room is all set, I've thought out my case, everythings good to go, then I get pulled to another case. I'm told so & so doesn't work with certain Docs, or they don't do that speciality. Me, I do everything, but why do my co-workers (who take call) not have to do somethings. What happens if an ortho case comes in on Sat. night?
    Oh my goodness! I thought this just happened at my hospital! Sorry that this happens to you, but I am glad to know I am not the only one that feels this way. It is frustrating!
  13. by   canesdukegirl
    Quote from NabiRN
    "a surgeon, the moment the pager goes off---what is it? who is paging me? then you relay the info from the floor nurse paging and the surgeon goes into a tirade about why he was paged in the first place for something so trivial.... lol..."

    Oh, I can't stand the beeper. I also feel bad for the person who is paging the resident or surgeon. Most of the time, they are floor nurses who don't know that we are in the middle of an operation (no matter how many times I told them). It seems that the urgent or not urgent issue never gets resolved most of the time, but it takes away the attention and focus on the surgery at hand.
    I hate the beeper too. From years of having to deal with this issue, I have finally found a way to handle it. I tell the attendings and the residents when they hand me their pagers that since I am experienced and trained, I can look at the page and figure out if it is worthy of my interrupting their time. I stress that their focus is on SURGERY, and not the daggum pager, and that I will alert the person paging them that the doc will call back in x amount of time. When a page comes through and it is obviously a personal page and the doc tells me to call back this person, I politely tell them that they can pay me an additional "Personal Secretary" salary if they would like for me to relay personal messages during surgery when I am trying to do my circulating duties. That usually gets them trained!