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I have recently moved to the OR. I am gaining confidence in my abilities and my team members. Though it has its ups and downs (my feet are killing me) I really like what I am doing. There is so much to learn and it is very... Read More

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    Our facility is small and is flexible enough to do these requests with enough advance notice. Certainly for emergent cases, there is no promises made.
    So, I asked the boss about this and she said I should have told her when it happened, especially since this surgeon has done this a few times. It was not a very nice discussion. She said the issue should have been raised immediately and the patient should have been advised of the changes while in pre-op or as soon as he was brought to holding. The decision to procede or reschedule should have been his. She said that we as caregivers should not renig simply because the patient would never know and that we should always be up-front with our patients and advocate for them.
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