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so... i saw an ad from craigslist, looking for a MA to circulate in cosmetic surgical procedures? can MA do that? i mean is it LEGAL? i spoke to a scrub tech before, she's not a rn nor lpn/lvn, but... Read More

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    Do you do OR cases (in the hospital setting)? That is a big help if you want to get into the OR after nursing school. It's nice when someone at least knows sterile technique and what to touch and not touch in the OR.

    I went to nursing school thinking I would go into the OR after school, but then thought I may want to teach so went to the floor. After almost 2 years of that an OR position opened at a small community hospital (2 OR's) near where I was living at the time. I did that for 9 months then moved back to TX, then got a position in a 14 room OR, 6 months after that I was on the heart team. Last fall I was getting burnt out in the OR and went back to the floor, LOL, 7 months of that and back home to the OR. The OR is a piece of cake compared to the floor (sorry OR nurses).

    If you want to work in the OR get all the OR experience you can. Try to get an extern position, sterile processing, unit clerk ANY position in the OR, we like to grow our own.

    Good luck with school. Feel free to PM with any other questions.

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