I LOVE OR but i think i am too soft for the OR

  1. I am still on probation period and it worries me that, because of my personality, they will decide not to keep me when my probation period ends.

    I describe my self as an introvert person. I am shy, soft spoken and a very laid back person. I love my job and I enjoy what I do. The charge nurse can even count on me when they need someone to stay for OT. That's who I am.

    My skills varies every day :-) When I work with people who are bossy, I become submissive and my brain just stops working. I turn into a robot. I do not think at all, I just wait for their commands. Which at the end of the day, makes me feel like crap and think that I did so horrible today. On those days that I worked with people who do not see me as a rookie, I become more independent and very efficient. I feel very proud and I go home HAPPY.

    Also, changing into another service after being in one service for 3 weeks, makes me feel like I am back to zero again.

    Has any of you felt this on your 2nd month in the OR?
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  3. by   lara_tiptip
    Hi! I am also an OR nurse for almost 3 years now. and I can well relate to your experience. I also felt the same way during my first 3 months in the OR and i can say that it's pretty normal and i often give myself a 3 month adjustment period to be able to get a grip of the usual routines. All i can say is that continue to persevere and do your best. I'm sure that your supervisor will be honored to keep you in the unit.
  4. by   HollywoodDiva
    Hi there, I have been an OR nurse for 10 years and a traveler for 8 years and it is so normal to feel that way. All of us can relate to your experience especially being new to the OR. We all have to start somewhere and being an introvert is fine, I would rather take that as a part of my team than someone who is confrontational. I was you 10 years ago and I have functioned very well in the OR because I was a quiet and shy Trust me your managers will keep you as long as you keep trying and are great to get along with. The only time they kick you out of OR is if you have a disruptive and confrontational personality and of course negligent. Hang in there you will gain your confidence soon :-)
  5. by   Earnest2012
    I can totally relate. I'm in my second month of a five month ORNIP, and still feel pretty lost most days. Coming from the ER, I feel like I'm in a foreign land. And being soft spoken myself, I find it hard some days dealing with some of the harsher personalities. It feels like there's so much to learn, and right now we're rotating into different services dealing with different preceptors almost everyday. It's hard trying to absorb all the information and doing something one way you were taught only to be told you're wrong by someone else....most days I go home feeling dejected. But I'm trying to tough it out. You're not alone.
  6. by   lockheart678
    Don't let those feelings get the best of you. You're still new, and everyone goes through that when they're first learning. The longer you're in the OR, the better it will get. I've always been a shy person too, but now that I'm very comfortable with what I'm doing, I have no problem taking charge to do what is right. I'm sure it'll be the same for you as well. As you get more experienced, your coworkers will see it as well and they will trust you more. Stick it out and one day you'll look back and wonder why you were ever worried.
  7. by   ruralgirl08
    I've been in the OR for about a year now, we had a 5 month orientation through all of the service lines, and it took me about 6 months to develop confidence in my abilities. It gets much better when you are on your own and begin to settle into a primary service line.
    I am more introverted myself, and felt misunderstood at times by some of the extroverted, stronger personality preceptors that I had during orientation. Sometimes, people can see quietness or shyness as "not understanding," though really I was absorbing everything around me like a sponge. The OR was a real learning and growth stretch with me in learning to communicate with others that work differently. I had to ask some preceptors to "step back" at times so I could have the opportunity to take charge of the room, and prove myself. I had to verbalize more with some people, to work more effectively, so that we were all on the same page. I think its good to have a mix of personalities in the OR, we all need to balance each other out, but assertiveness and productive communication is a must.
    With time your confidence will grow, and you will get better at working with all types of people. You will have your chance to prove yourself, just hang in there. Work hard, be a team player, and with time you will be more appreciated.
  8. by   nar-es
    Thank you all for your kind words. It uplifted my spirit
    Tomorrow will be another day. Ortho service, YAY? NAY?
  9. by   LovedRN
    Did I post this thread in my sleep? This sounds like me!!! Well I only have been in OR for 2 months so I can't tell you anything. But GOOD LUCK!!!
  10. by   behilton
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Oh I feel your pain.... I too started a OR residency, and it has been quite the experience. Before getting this job I knew that personalities varied, as it does in life. However, it seems as though that everyone is miserable and complaining about what a person did or didn't do. It's really ridiculous. Anyway, I'm getting off tract.... my emotions are getting me started :0) I consider myself an easy going and friendly person who tries to treat others the way I would like to be treated.

    Because I am new and clueless I do not feel confident. Like someone else mentioned, as soon as I get the hang of things and feel confident I move on to another preceptor, who tells me everything I learned is wrong. Oh my it drives me crazy. Today, I was yelled at by a doctor because I moved a nanosecond before a 'Time Out,' seriously.... I was spiking a saline bag for the bovie irrigation and my preceptor is looking for the consent to do the time out and the doctor freaks out on me. My preceptor wasn't even talking yet. And God for bid if I don't plug things up, then that becomes another issue.

    From the horror stories that I have heard from other nurses, this is normal. We just need to plug along. Learn from our mistakes and remember to kill people with kindness. Life is to short to let people walk all over us.
  11. by   ChocoholicNurse
    OMG, I had a very similar thing happen to me today! I'm in my 9th week in the CVOR and starting to do straight ACB's on my own (with my preceptor watching through the window) and so far I'm loving it. All my expectations (I've wanted this for a long time) have been exceeded. HOWEVER, there are some strong personalities (one in particular) and my preceptor taught me to have a certain drug available just in case the surgeon needs it, so I don't have to run to the substerile room you know? Well, while opening a room today, this "strong personality" took the med that i had pulled and put it away because she said this surgeon doesn't use it regularly. Now, let me say, I do not have an introverted personality but when I'm around people like this, the SAME thing happens to me. So I didn't say anything and GUESS WHAT? The surgeon needed the med! When my preceptor asked me what happened and I told her, she said when I'm ready I need to stand up to her because this person would never had done this to any other nurse. That ticked me off lol.

    So keep your head up, you are NOT alone....just remember that...and next time, lets both speak up ok?
  12. by   HollywoodDiva
    You will always have to deal with strong personalities in the O.R so hang in there and it gets better with time and as you gain confidence you will be able to deal with those crazy strong personalities with no problem at all.