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I sincerely love my job, however, there are just some surgeons who are complete ***** and treat us like were second class stupid citizens. How do you deal with surgeons like this?*everyone else in my job are lovely - nurses,... Read More

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    Quote from Krystle022
    That's just life!
    It shouldn't be.

    This needs to be addressed with management. Either the nurse manager or the chief of that particular surgeon's specialty.
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    WOW. Now I get why I see so many OR openings. One nurse commented that of the 16 new nurses that were recruited, only 5 were still there 6 months later. Stressful environment.
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    I'm fortunate enough that the majority of the docs I work with are very pleasant and don't treat the staff bad. That being said, we do have a few that can be. If they get mouthy with me, I get mouthy right back. You have to stand up for yourself or you will never, ever survive in the OR. I have also gone to my boss about a doc before.
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    Most places around here don't tolerate surgeon bad behavior anymore. Most I've worked with have been fine. If anything it's other staff that are nasty.

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