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Hi all, I'm an experienced med/surg nurse who wants to switch specialty area. Since nursing school I knew I absolutely wanted to be in the OR, however, I took the advice of my former professors and... Read More

  1. by   TrevyRN
    My honey bunches wanted to work in the OR and I wanted to work in the ER. Neither of us had experience. We moved to and worked at a hospital in SE OK. it was tough to be away from family and yummy food, but now honey bunches has an excellent OR job in a city the honey bunches loves.

    We found the jobs through an agency. The hospital trained both experienced RNs, one's with other OR experience, and ones with general nursing experience. If you're willing to go the distance, someone might train ya.

    The hospital that honey bunches is at now trains nurses in the OR, but all their candidates tend to be in house transfers with well-known, hearty personalities.

    We seriously were applying to like 30 jobs a day at times. Sometimes you just need to apply in bulk to get results! The worst thing people can do is say "no" is what I figured when I applied.
  2. by   MereSanity
    I have done the peri-op 101 and I have to tell you it will be useless to you unless you are working in the OR and have something to back up the information you are learning. I only had 6 months floor experience when I was hired to the OR....always wanted to work OR...LOVE it! If you want it don't stop till you get it!

    "MereSanity" RN, BSN, CNOR
  3. by   Candogal
    I am considering the same course at Phillip's and need to make a decision soon. I spoke with a nursing O.R. educator from a local hospital and she said to ask them what their pass rate is for the peri-op certificate. She was concerned about only having 40 clinical hours because their hospital has triple that for their clinical lab portion (they are only accepting in-house transfers- it's a 20 bed trauma center). She said that since it's not considered actual experience it would be difficult to get a job in a hospital but it would be a gateway for working at a small surgical center where I could hone my skills for a year or two and then move on to a hospital if I wanted.
  4. by   granitestater
    Yes--Elliot Hospital in Manchester NH will put you through a perioperative program right now. They are in need of OR nurses and will school you. Do not wait.
  5. by   ADuntonRN
  6. by   Tinkerbell04
    I would like to work in the OR. I am currently working in a LTC/Skilled nursig facility. I have applied to one program about three hours away, but I didn't get that one. There is another program coming up in October that's about five hours away. One facility told me that they usually hire nurses, with my background, in med-surg. I have no interest in med-surg, but I will do anything to get out of skilled nursing.

    I currently have 44 patients, which is the worst load I've had so far. I do not believe that I can continue giving quality care with a patient load this high. I am almost burned completely out. OR nursing has been an interest of mines for a long time. I pray an opportunity will come my way soon.