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Hi all, I'm an experienced med/surg nurse who wants to switch specialty area. Since nursing school I knew I absolutely wanted to be in the OR, however, I took the advice of my former professors and other nurses who told me to... Read More

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    I just got into one at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane WA. They will be doing another one in 6 months, you should apply! It is a full-time, paid, 6-month training program if you agree to work there for 2 years (1.5 after the training). So you automatically get a position after the training is over (guaranteed at least 20 hrs per week, no guarantees on what shift though). They take about 10 "students" at a time. I've only been a nurse for 1.5 years and on an adolescent Psych unit nonetheless, so I'm sure they'd love to see a med-surg RN with 5 years experience! In my interviews they said they are mostly looking for people with a good attitude since "they can teach anyone the skills of the job."

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    Hi all. I'm considering taking the Periop 101 program at Phillips Beth Israel in May. The cost is $3000, and I'm wondering if it will open any doors for me. In July, I will have been practicing as an ADN RN for 2 years, and I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary working with a pain management practice doing admitting and PACU with conscious sedation patients. I love this area of nursing and want very much to expand both my knowledge level and practice. I'm thinking that at the very least this course may open up some doors into the multi-specialty ASU's in my area. Has anyone taken this course? What was the benefit/downfall? PLEASE SHARE
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    This program is starting its second class.
    It's in Denver Colorado.
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    My honey bunches wanted to work in the OR and I wanted to work in the ER. Neither of us had experience. We moved to and worked at a hospital in SE OK. it was tough to be away from family and yummy food, but now honey bunches has an excellent OR job in a city the honey bunches loves.

    We found the jobs through an agency. The hospital trained both experienced RNs, one's with other OR experience, and ones with general nursing experience. If you're willing to go the distance, someone might train ya.

    The hospital that honey bunches is at now trains nurses in the OR, but all their candidates tend to be in house transfers with well-known, hearty personalities.

    We seriously were applying to like 30 jobs a day at times. Sometimes you just need to apply in bulk to get results! The worst thing people can do is say "no" is what I figured when I applied.
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    I have done the peri-op 101 and I have to tell you it will be useless to you unless you are working in the OR and have something to back up the information you are learning. I only had 6 months floor experience when I was hired to the OR....always wanted to work OR...LOVE it! If you want it don't stop till you get it!

    "MereSanity" RN, BSN, CNOR
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    I am considering the same course at Phillip's and need to make a decision soon. I spoke with a nursing O.R. educator from a local hospital and she said to ask them what their pass rate is for the peri-op certificate. She was concerned about only having 40 clinical hours because their hospital has triple that for their clinical lab portion (they are only accepting in-house transfers- it's a 20 bed trauma center). She said that since it's not considered actual experience it would be difficult to get a job in a hospital but it would be a gateway for working at a small surgical center where I could hone my skills for a year or two and then move on to a hospital if I wanted.
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    Yes--Elliot Hospital in Manchester NH will put you through a perioperative program right now. They are in need of OR nurses and will school you. Do not wait.

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