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UTMB Summer 2017

  1. 1 Hi future nurses! I didn't see a discussion board for the summer term of 2017, so I decided to make one myself(: Let's use this forum to discuss grades, TEAS, and the application process. This does include venting! We all know how anxiety kicks in when there's a bump in the road. Good luck to everyone that is applying!

    I can't wait for the application period opens. Anyone that is re-applying, any tips?
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    Hello, I'm Cassandra and recently started preparing to apply to UTMB. Application on NCAS doesnt allow me to apply yet, I haven't taken my TEAS but I'll be taking it soon. I'm a little scared after reading other threads and seeing some high GPAs and teas over 90%. I recently graduated from an LVN program and I'm hoping that helps me since I gained alot of experience.
    It's very competitive, and I hope to get accepted...
    Just waiting for application process to start. ...
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    Hello, I am also waiting for the application to open. I have a prior BS degree.
    Overall GPA: 3.2
    Science GPA: 4.0
    Teas: 74
    The NURCAS is a bit confusing. Do we send our transcript and TEAS scores to N-Cas or to UTMB? Also do we upload our personal statement onto N-CAS? Do we have to apply to the school seperately and then the nursing program?
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    I am applying with a 3.5 nursing pre reqs and 77 on TEAS. I am not sure how I feel about the drive just yet. I am actually moving further north so the drive would be about 1 hour and 45 minutes (not counting traffic). I have heard of students car pooling together which I would totally be up to doing! Are yall planning on moving to Galveston?
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    I live in South Texas, 6hrs from Galveston. But I would be planning to move in to a dorm or cheap apartment. I only worry financially, since it's 4 semester long. Loans will hopefully help out.
    Have y'all done the utmb application, not the NCAS one, the regular school application???
    It's on their website, but it doesn't have summer 2017 available yet.
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    I emailed Mrs. Botello, and she told me yes that transcripts are done through ncas. And everything is submitted through there. And there is utmb application and NCAS. Two different dates they open, but I'm not sure if we are supposed to do the utmb one, it doesn't show summer 2017 yet, says there's not class on file. So I'm guessing they are waiting to update and start application process.
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    I called NCAS and they said that they don't evaluate TEAS scores. That is something that gets sent to UTMB seperately.
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    The NCAS will open tomorrow so now we will able to see what it's all about. Good luck to everyone applying!
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    Moved to schools/programs
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    Well the application is officially open! Is anyone having a little trouble understanding how to input your transcript scores? I know I am! Im thinking about giving them a call. The process is so nerve wrecking!
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    Im doing that right now and it is confusing... I have 3 different transcripts so its alot of back and forth.
    Did you call them?
    I didnt know if to put freshman or other because my college is a 2 year so they dont do senior or jr year.

    I filled out a transcript evaluation form from the website and it helped alot as to oganizing my courses by terms.
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    I just took my HESI today for another school I am applying to so I didnt have time to call them, but I am definitely calling them tomorrow! Im super confused :/
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    Hey y'all!

    I'm kind of worried I'm toeing the line a little on my GPAs. I have a degree in communication and my overall GPA is 2.94, prereq is 3.0 and science is 3.2. TEAS individual was a 75.4% and I scored Advanced in the science portion... The admissions officer told me I should probably retake the TEAS and try to score a 75 in all portions since my overall GPA is below a 3.0.... Does anyone know of anyone that's gotten in with grades like mine? I'm going to retake the TEAS, but still worried about my GPAs.

    Thanks in advance!