University of Phoenix MSN program NUR590 Practicum

  1. Has anyone already done their practicum for the MSN program with University of Phoenix?
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  3. by   dlynn0366
    Yes, just finished this week.
  4. by   suni
    I got my BSN from UOP and am t hinking about my MSN what does the practium involve
  5. by   dlynn0366
    the first class nur590a is a 3 week class where you develop a learning contract on what your practicum will be about. what your objectives are and how you will accomplish them i.e. strategies. i've attached what my first objective was, my practicum was developing a qa program for our research dept.
    you have to put a total of 60 hours into the practicum and along the way between nur590a to nur590b you must submit a practicum journal on what you have done to complete your objectives. when you have completed everything you then sign up for nur590b which is a 2 week class and in this 2 week class you present all you have done for the practicum plus there is a powerpoint and paper due in the 2 week class. you have 14 months to take if need be between part a & b. you also must have your own msn mentor in order to do the practicum. hope this helps, please don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions.
    1.0 1. analyze the clinical research coordinators (crcs) understanding of the standard operating procedures (sops) for the clinical setting in correlation with quality assurance principles
    effective communication
    a) utilize an array of skills, techniques, and new technology to effectively develop, design, and evaluate nursing and health care education programs in a variety of settings
    1a. literature search on the application of quality assurance, threats to quality in this type of clinical setting, and literatures that reflect the importance of qa to safety.
    1b. develop power point presentation on the benefits of a qa program.
    1c. draft, then review with qa expert, a manual identifying list of quality indicators that fulfill good clinical practice (gcp) through sop compliance.
    1a. submit annotated bibliography of literature reviewed.
    1b. submit copy of power point presentation developed for crcs describing the benefits of a qa program.
    1c. document review with qa expert in practicum journal and reflect on the major changes or recommendations that the qa expert has suggested.
    1d. submit completed manual identifying quality indicators that fulfill gcp through sop compliance.
  6. by   suni
    I am not sure I could come up with an idea for a practicum, will your advisor help you?
  7. by   dlynn0366
    Yes and no if this makes sense, they give you suggestions. THE MAJOR THING TO REMEMBER IS PATIENTS CANNOT BE INVOLVED. This is due to legalities. You can involve your coworkers and say do a presentation to a group in the community i.e you developed a STD awareness program and you present to local youth group. Another thing is at one time UOP would supply you with an online MSN mentor if need be but no more, your MSN mentor has to be found by you and has to be licenced in the state or in my case the province you practice in.
    There is one classs NUR/598 Research Utilization Proposal and many select a topic for this that they then use for their practicum. In NUR/598 you need to identify a work related problem, find reasearch that supports a solution to the problem, and then develop an implementation and evaluation plan in proposal format.
    Other suggestions are:
    *Develop a self-directed learning manual on assertiveness & evaluated effectiveness
    *Design strategies to reduce nursing students anxiety in the clinical setting
    *Develop an end-of-life educational series for community (including web site development)
    *Develop business residential care facility
    *Develop business plan for an entrepreneurial consulting business
    *Develop and tested program to reduce "code anxiety" for staff nurses
    *Revised restraint program for hospital including development of computerized staff education program
    *Develop a palliative care coordinator position (including staff education about the the new role)
    *Analyzed reasons for high failure rate in critical care training and proposed strategies for improving
    Suggestions to help decide.."are you more passionate about one topic".."is one project more needed by your organization over another".."can the project be completed in 60 hours".

    I'm no sure what type of nursing you do but I bet coming up with something will be easier than you think. Also many of the classes prior to the practicum prepare you for this. One class we had to do a "business plan" no way in a million did I think I could do this but the instructor worked with us week by week planning this so it all came together.
  8. by   qhilldogs
    Finished in July and I coudl give you a list of suggestions my biggest being DO NOT MAKE IT A HUGE PROJECT

    Good Luck
  9. by   military spouse
    Did either of you have difficulty finding a preceptor? Was it somebody you already knew or worked with?
  10. by   dlynn0366
    I did not know until the last moment that UOP no longer supplied a MSN mentor if needed. In Canada unlike in the US to be a NP you do not need your MSN but can do this with a BSN. Also with our healthcare billing system which is a fee for service we do not utilize NPs as they do in the US. It was just by luck that a community health care centre which is soemthing fairly new by our government where the physicians are also salaried had a NP with her MSN who agreed to be my mentor. From my class many of the students did have difficulty obtaining a mentor but in reality it is not a lot of work for the mentor i.e. they do not have to give any written reports etc. My mentor was also never contacted by UOP. Also I know for example lets say you have a nurse with her BSN and a Masters in something other than nursing they will usually allow this person to mentor you.
  11. by   realnurse06
    Please help!!!I just started my Practicum B. My mentor is out on vacation for the next two weeks. Will my instructor need to contact her during our two weeks of class?
  12. by   llg
    Quote from realnurse06
    Please help!!!I just started my Practicum B. My mentor is out on vacation for the next two weeks. Will my instructor need to contact her during our two weeks of class?
    I have been preceptor 3 times for students in the practicum in the last 5 years or so. The school/instructor never contacted me for any reason for any of them -- not even to get my input into their grades or to verify that the students did the work themselves! For all U of P knew, I was an imaginary person my students made up -- and the projects were done by someone other than the student.

    That has caused me a great deal of concern about the U of P's program. They don't seem to care if the preceptor is a real person or if the student actually does their own work. I tried to report that concern to the school -- but they never called me back. I guess they were too busy recruiting more students -- or taking their tuition checks to the bank.
  13. by   realnurse06
    Wow....that's surprising. I was going to reschedule my class, but I guess there is no need to. Thanks for your response.
  14. by   JenMSN11
    My contact is not getting back to me regarding my mentor and I have 1 week to find one. It's my understanding that I can continue classes but I would have to re take 590A when I have one. Is this right? This is so frustrating I want to do the work and I am not going to lie regarding who my mentor is to get through. I just want to actually do the work with a legit mentor! Grrrrrr!