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Hey everyone. I just wanted to start a thread for all of those hoping to get into TWU starting Spring 2014. My name is Kia and I have already sent in my application and completed my TEAS V exam. I'll... Read More

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    Hello all! I have applied to TWU fall 2014. I have a 4.0 GPA but only have 3/4 credentials because I took statistics as an AP student (if only I had known that would count against me >:| ) I just took my TEAS and got an 89.3%. I studied for two weeks. Anyways, I hope my scores are good enough to get in! I am taking patho physiology at the Dallas nursing campus this spring! Is there anyone else out there who is as well? I would love to hear from you
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    I am yusra, and looking forward to start TWU in spring 2014. I have my TEAS in a week and am nervous about it. Any tips, advices? Hoping for a great TEAS results, and to get accepted too.
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    I was accepted to the TWU Dallas program starting Spring 2015 and have a question for all of you about clinical sites. We just received an email asking that we rank our clinical preferences, but we were only given locations. I much rather rank on merit or experience so I would love any information you have on the locations. The ones given to us were South Dallas, North Dallas, Central Dallas, Plano, Irving, and Grapevine. Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

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