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My main struggle is the massive writing. I just can't seem to grasp the whole research thing. So far I have a 4.0 but I feel like that is going to change because the classes are getting more and more writing intense. The only... Read More

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    Quote from BluegrassRN
    Here's my suggestion: pick ONE topic on which to write all your papers. That way you aren't researching something new every time you have an assignment. For example, I chose health care access of the GLBT community. All my ethics, teaching, community health, legal, etc papers had this as a topic. You must be super organized in the beginning with your research materials, but believe me, when my final assignment (20+ page paper on a vulnerable community-yay!), I had all the preliminary research out of the way from previous papers, and was able not only to really focus my time on researching some in depth details, I also actually had time to create a system of interviews with community members and providers. My final paper was definitely publishable, and all because I didn't have to recreate the wheel.

    Many of my coworkers have done this. One in a CNM program focussed on circumcision. Whenever possible, she wrote her papers with circumcision as the topic. Other coworkers have chosen heart failure, core measures, pain, and DM type 1.

    It really does make the paper writing easier. You can't recycle your papers, but you can recycle your research. It saves a huge amount of time, and you don't have the research aspect to overwhelm you. It makes it much easier to get started when you don't have to face that, too.
    *files this advice away for when I finally start my online RN to BSN* Thanks!

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    Where are you taking classes, if you don't mind me asking? I just sent in an application to Louisiana University-Lafayette. No clue as to what to expect from this program
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    I start the online rn-bsn program tomorrow and not looking forward to writing massive papers...ugh Thanks for the heads up for the future dread to come. I want to do well but as long as I continue to progress, I'm happy.
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    Feel your pain. I don't want to write no more (bad grammar on purpose).
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    You can do it! You have made it this far, and before you know it, you'll be done.
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    Quote from crazy&cuteRN
    Thank you. I'm having trouble with completing Literature Reviews at this time.
    This may help a little--Is there a set of objectives that you want to stick to? In other words, a list of questions you want to answer on all literature. (ie: Is this supported by evidence based practice, Is this something that the patient can be educated on to prevent re-admission, that type of thing.)

    I LOVE the idea of one subject for all papers--great idea!!

    However, one set of questions you want to "ask" of all literature reviews may help you to focus better.
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    Writing papers is a chore. Does your online course provide a writing tutor? Mine did and they are usually free. You can submit your paper for them to review. They will return it with suggestions and comments. During my the first two classes of my bridge, I submitted EVERY paper to them. I found one tutor who I felt gave me the best feedback, so I stayed with her. Anyway, long story short...I now submit papers in my MSN program that are still tedious, but I have gotten the hang of them and don't get stressed out. BTW...English is my second language so my biggest problem was syntax.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I'm still struggling but I take one paper at a time. I'm still in the running though to receive my BSN!!

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