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Hey everyone! I'm in the middle of my prerequisites for the nursing program at Stony to apply for admission next fall! Just wanted to reach out and say hey to anyone else in the same shoes! Where... Read More

  1. by   futurepsych0
    Quote from k9891
    School begins aug 25. I haven't received any additional info either. I have to apply for loans so I hope they send the info soon I also have to submit my transcript with my last 2 pre reqs I'm taking over summer.
    Thank you for the info! I also hope they offer the financial aid package soon. Good luck on your summer classes! 8-)
  2. by   ewok23
    Hello All! I'm very excited to start the two year program coming up in August. Looking forward to meeting everyone at Orientation. I see that Orientation is three days long. Can anyone shed some light on what Orientation is like?? I know there is advisement and we register for classes. What else is accomplished during these three days? Would love to know!
  3. by   Tankweti
    I wonder how many of you understand tthere are nowhere near enough jobs for all you new grads..Most ffacilities hire a maximum of 3 new grads per year. You say you have 100 sseat Iin your class. What will happen to the other 97. In the hospital where I wor 90% of the nurses are downright elderly and have no plans to retire any time soon. Think long and hard about this choice before you make it.
  4. by   JasonKa
    Hi do you guys know what kind of classes Stony Brook will accept for their "Global Issues" requirement?
  5. by   katehugs
    LOL. this sounds like a ridiculously stressful process. I don't think i'll apply after reading this.
  6. by   Jks322
    Honestly, SBU changes their requirements each year and they are very unorganized when it comes to communicating with applications. For Fall 2013, no one knew there would be interviews until after the deadline for the 1 yr program and Tarantino said the first people who submit the app are more likely to be invited to the interview. That's totally not fair.
  7. by   Eatpraydream
    Hey! Is it okay to apply if I have just one more class (Nutrition) to take in the Spring?
  8. by   k9891
    You can still apply. If you did get accepted, it would be on a conditional basis (pending receipt of transcript containing pre reqs).
  9. by   lk_nynurse2b
    Hi Everyone. I have a question to those of you that got accepted and are in the program now... Were you able to still have a job? Or did it take too much time from studying?