OHSU BSN Fall 2017

  1. Hi all I just thought I would start this, since there doesn't appear to be anything started for the Fall 2017 3 year BSN at OHSU. Feel free to update as you get emails regarding interviews, acceptances, etc. This week it looks like everyone should be hopefully getting a email hearing something if they are chosen for a interview. I wonder if due to the lack of any posts for the Fall 2017 that means that competition isn't as fierce as in prior cycles... this is probably not the case. But it seems like the cohort has been alot more quite then in the past.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   smcgarr
    Hi! I applied to the Monmouth campus for Fall 2017-18. Hoping to hear something soon!
  5. by   nursemahoney
    I received my interview invitation today for OHSU BSN-Ashland cohort '17. Which location did you apply to? I look forward to hearing about more news from others soon!
  6. by   ajnurse1988
    Hi All,

    I applied to the Portland Campus. I haven't heard anything yet I am super nervous. I hope they at least send a email or something if you do not get in. Congrats nursemahoney with Ashland!! That is so exciting! I hope you have a great interview!
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  7. by   Jbell
    I received my interview invitation today for the Klamath Falls campus.
  8. by   Jmae14
    Interview invite today for Portland campus!!
  9. by   leighfost
    HI all!
    Super excited! I to received my interview invitation from OHSU Ashland!
  10. by   J3andaZ
    I also got my interview invite for Portland campus today! Yay!
  11. by   smcgarr
    Urgh now I'm nervous
  12. by   MagicShell
    Smcgarr...did you apply to the Portland campus?
  13. by   hollk
    Hello everyone,

    I just got mine at around noon today for Klamath Falls campus today. Super exciting, can't wait to hopefully start with some other amazing students. This is incredibly exciting.
  14. by   smcgarr
    No, I applied to Monmouth.