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  1. Bedside inflation.
  2. MagicShell

    OHSU BSN Fall 2017

    It was April 7th:)
  3. MagicShell

    OHSU BSN Fall 2017

    I got into LaGrande as well! See you in the fall!!
  4. MagicShell

    OHSU BSN Fall 2017

    I finished an interview last Friday at OHSU. They said that acceptance letters will go out within 2 weeks, possibly sooner....
  5. MagicShell

    OHSU BSN Fall 2017

    I remember your posts from when you were awaiting acceptance Mbell!! So awesome your on your way! :)
  6. MagicShell

    OHSU BSN Fall 2017

    Smcgarr...did you apply to the Portland campus?
  7. MagicShell

    Patient Picking at clothing/bed linens

    "Picking" is not always in relation to hospice patients. I work on a Neuro Critical Care unit and many patients (who fully recover), exhibit the picking behaviors. Usually it's a hyper focus on one item, such as a SAT PROBE, straightening the bed linens, or pulling at the nape of their gown. It's related most often to frontal stroke injury, and is common within the first week or so after a stroke or re-bleed.
  8. MagicShell

    Whatever happened to going to school to be a nurse?

    I'm not sure where you live, but here on the west coast, it's unimaginably difficult to get into nursing school due to the high numbers of applicants and prerequisite criteria.
  9. MagicShell

    ITT/ Breckinridge No Longer Accepting New Students

    In addition to the threat of taxpayers taking a hit, all of the nursing student hopefuls in Oregon are at risk of an even longer delay into local nursing programs(Not to mention expired prerequisites). As community based nursing programs such as PCC are currently discussing potential ways to accommodate the displaced ITT students, individuals such as myself are on edge wondering how acceptance into the already limited programs will be even remotely attainable. My though is that the government will strongly encourage a tax incentive "community college bailout" in opposition to any loan forgiveness programs. If only I would have chosen not to ignore the direct quotes of "WE ARE NOT AN ACCREDITED INSTITUTION" by ITT staff when I visited their campus two years ago. I could be that much closer to fulfilling my dream.
  10. MagicShell

    Nurses smoking weed?

    Cannabis has come a LONG way from the days of smoking through a coke can or a hollowed out apple. Although I'm not a smoker myself, I know several people who use cannabinoids as a means of relief of many different ailments; some treatable (PTSD, spinal injury), and some non-treatable (terminal cancer). None of them smoke. They use edibles, vaporizers, tinctures, etc. It's incomprehensible to me that so many supposedly "educated" intelligent medical professionals continue to place their faith in pharmaceutical corporations and the products they push on our society. We have been taught to believe that smoking marajuana is a gateway to other drug use, etc., which it very well may be. Yet it is a fabulous distraction from actually promoting further medical research and the production of safer and more economically viable medications. With substances such as heroin and meth rampant within cities across the US, weed is the LEAST of our problems. Its "high" time we quit with the hype, take a step back, and see how the new partial acceptance of this ancient drug might evolve.
  11. MagicShell

    Applicants to OCNE 2016-2018

    I interviewed at OHSU LaGrande Campus last year and this was the exact format used:) I was placed on the waiting list but never received a spot.....
  12. MagicShell

    OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

    I believe that you need 122. WR227 (Technical Writing) is a requirement for most bachelor programs, yet in addition to the two mandatory writing courses (WR121,WR122)....
  13. MagicShell

    OHSU acceptances/alternates

    Hi Reid:) So did you ever get into OHSU??
  14. MagicShell

    OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

    Did anyone get on the alternate list at the OHSU LaGrande Campus?
  15. MagicShell

    OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

    AWESOME AbbyVee!! I was placed in the alternate list for OHSU in LaGrande, so fingers still crossed! Congratulations!!