NVCC MEC nursing fall '17

  1. Hi all,
    i submitted my app for the fall nursing program a week and a half ago so I figured I'd start a forum for all the NVCC MEC nursing applicants to communicate with each other while we anxiously wait for our faith. If anyone in the program or have graduated from the program would like to give some advice, please do!
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  3. by   vg2481
    Hey! I also submitted my application a few weeks ago. I guess I'm more nervous about the applicants and not really my own stuff - I feel like I'm pretty qualified to get into the program (As in A&P 1-2, B in Micro, an A in all the co-reqs I've taken, and TEAS scores in the 90s/ 100 in math) but I know that space is really limited. I took all of my prereqs this past Spring semester and all of the people in my classes seemed very qualified and many of them seemed to be getting straight As and all had TEAS scores that were in the upper 90s. I guess even though I feel qualified, I'm nervous that enough people will have gotten straight As in the prereqs and that I won't get in because there isn't enough space . I heard that for the last fall semester, 400 people applied and only 72 got in. Anyone else wanna share their scores so we can all see what the applicant pool is looking like?
  4. by   HopefulAutumn16
    I am taking my nursing pre-reqs at City Tech right now, but looking to transfer to MEC for the Fall because I heard you had to have a whole semester with MEC before you could apply for their Nursing program and they are one of the few with an evening nursing program. Is that correct? Best of luck to both of you!
  5. by   Nnh7
    I don't think you need a semester with MEC to apply to their programs. It wouldn't make sense because their campus has all specialized classes that are specific to the programs and you can't take them unless you're in those programs. I do know you need a full semester with NOVA to apply because you look at your last full time transcript. Did you apply for the fall admission?
  6. by   Nnh7
    When I talked to their counselors, they said they have accepted all the applicants who had the right requirements every year except last year because there were a lot of apps. But they have increased the acceptance pool to 150 or so this year. I think the 400 you're referring to includes all the nursing programs (traditional, LPN, hybrid).
  7. by   vg2481
    Did you speak to someone at the MEC about them increasing the applicant pool? I'm so anxious to hear back already haha. I know last year they didn't take a lot of people because there wasn't enough space in the clinical sites, so if they increased the applicant pool they must have found more space this year in those clinicals.

    Also, no you don't need a full semester at the MEC. You don't even need to have taken a class at NOVA I don't think, you just have to have applied for admission (which they don't reject anyone) and make sure that your credits for the prereqs transfer over and then you would have been fine to apply. I'm not sure if they have evening classes, but I do know that applying for admission for the Fall closed on May 8th. They do have an online version of the program for the Spring, where the classes would be online but the clinicals are all in person. Best of luck!
  8. by   Nnh7
    Yeah I spoke to one of their representatives that came to the Annandale campus. They said they have increased the pool this year since they got so many applicants last year. I'm so anxious to hear back too, do you know if they will send an email that they have received our apps?
  9. by   vg2481
    I talked to Student Services and they said they weren't going to send out an email saying the application was received. Last year, about two weeks before they sent out acceptances they sent out an email to everyone saying that their application had been processed. The day they sent out the decisions, they sent everyone an email saying that if they were accepted, they would be getting an email later that day. Then, they sent out all of the acceptance letters but didn't send any denial letters until all of the people who got in accepted their spots. If anyone who got in decided not to do it, then they would send out a new acceptance letter to someone else who hadn't got in yet (the next person on the list). I guess about a week after they sent out the first acceptance letters, they sent out all of the other denials.

    I got this information from scrolling down the NOVA Medical Education Campus facebook page and also from a forum on this website for the applicants for Fall 2016. It was sort of wild because there were like 20 people on that forum talking about admissions for months and only one of them got in! They all found out around June 20 I believe (about getting in or not). Obviously the process might be different this time around.
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  10. by   efreed13
    Does anyone know of any out of state people getting in to the program?? That's what I'm most nervous about!
  11. by   Nnh7
    So the applicants heard back a little over a month after the deadline.. that's not too bad. I was expecting longer than that. I wish they would send an email telling us they've received it. I just the confirmation from the usps but it'd still be nice to get the confirmation from them, you know?
  12. by   Nnh7
    To my knowledge, in state applicants have first priority, then out of state, and then international.
  13. by   Mme277
    so nervous. The wait is stressing me out so bad.
  14. by   Hsp234
    I only submitted my application a week before the deadline and got an email confirmation from MEC Student Services that my application was processed and will be sent to the nursing department on May 15th. Anyone here know how long after that we should expect a decision email? The wait is driving my nerves through the roof!