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Anyone know if the GCU nursing program is ok? Good teachers? Accredited? I know it's expensive and they were financially strapped as of Jan '04, but supposedly that's behind them.... Read More

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    Quote from hogan4736
    The RN to BSN online at GCU is what I consider a diploma mill...

    Employers don't care where or how you attained your BSN...It just doesn't matter...Your experience as an RN is what matters...Your character is what matters...

    I think you are the one placing too much emphasis on it...
    I can respect that. It's a pragmatic approach to the BSN. Some of us, though, care deeply about where we get our BSNs from and what we actually learn. For some of us, GCU conflicts with our desires and values. I do understand that GCU does not conflict with everyone's desires regarding higher ed.

    Last time I looked at the GCU website, I looked at the employment section. They stated that all instructors and professors must be true Christians and that their beliefs would basically be vetted by human resources contacting their churches and pastors.

    That tells me that they do really, really care that the instruction comes from those who are 'real Christians' as they deem. That also made me nervous.
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    Maybe things have changed...

    I taught clinicals there from 2003-2005...I was hired with only "what is your religion" question on the app...

    I never led my students in prayer...I always attended the first few lectures, so I could be on the same plane w/ the classroom instructor...Never any prayers in class...

    I left because I moved, plain and simple...

    When I left, a private group of buyers bought the university, and the online education program blew up and expanded...

    When I graduated from there in 1996, I was a non nurse who matriculated into the tradional program (no accelerated program then, however now they have an 18 month, classroom program)

    I don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but having worked as an RN in Phx for 11 years, I always heard good things about GCU (classroom, traditional), and the GCU grads with whom I worked were top notch...No one ever had horror stories of "revivals" (I think the poster was referring to chapel, which was one hour weekly when I attented, and truthfully, I always studied during these)...

    Anyway, I certainly advocate pride in one's program...Just remember, be more proud of the accomplishment of graduating, period
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    Fair enough, Hogan.
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    Quote from multicollinearity
    For some of us, GCU conflicts with our desires and values.
    I too struggled with the decision in 1994...but there were waiting lists at the CC all over the valley...I had my eye on the prize at the end...

    FWIW, I am as anti-religion as they come, and consider myself Agnostic, as I did back then as well...
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    Quote from hogan4736
    I too struggled with the decision in 1994...but there were waiting lists at the CC all over the valley...I had my eye on the prize at the end...

    FWIW, I am as anti-religion as they come, and consider myself Agnostic, as I did back then as well...
    Hogan, I switched from talking about traditional pre-licensure to RN-BSN programs. I was referring to RN-BSN decisions regarding which schools.

    But yeah - for getting that RN - just about however you can is what I say.
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    Quote from hogan4736
    No one ever had horror stories of "revivals"

    Of course not. Because most of the people who would have 'horror stories' don't go to GCU! I assure you that if I had to go to the "Grand Celebrations" weekly that I would have horror stories indeed!

    And again, I'm already a nurse, so I'm speaking about the RN-BSN programs there at GCU. I already graduated from the best ADN program in the state! :spin: I'm proud of it, I advocate for it, I recommend it, and I perform to it's high standards (if I do say so myself).

    Now, I will disagree with you about another thing. It DOES matter from where you graduate to a degree. If an average student goes to a bad school, then they are going to have an even harder time than an average student going to a great school. I know, I've seen lots of them from bad schools! I won't mention which online ADN program it is that I'm talking about.
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    Quote from knit1purl2

    religion is always a controversial subject, though what i am trying to gain from this thread is;

    were you in the nursing program while you were attending in 2005 if so;
    1. how would you rate your experience, pros and cons.

    2. was your degree questioned when you went to apply for work at the local hospitals?

    i appreciate your response on your grand canyon experience.
    it's probably not fair for me to answer many of those questions as i was there during the chaotic transition to a profit-like business model.

    they were accomodating with previous education/degree/courses.

    hopefully someone will provide more current information to your questions.
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    Quote from cardiacRN2006
    Now, I will disagree with you about another thing...
    Nothing new...This thread is 3 years old, and from your first post, you have disagreed with me (though that was only last year)...That's okay...

    I likely despise religion more than most...

    Went to GCU's website:
    mentions "christian" one time, pertaining to integrity
    "Although the University seeks to integrate Christian faith and practice into all aspects of campus life, no statement of faith or religious affiliation is required of prospective students. Applications for admission are considered primarily in light of the applicant’s academic qualifications."

    I think the religion rhetoric discussed here, is just that...

    We'll just agree to disagree...
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    One more thing Cardiac...

    I hope after many years in nursing you will realize that where one went to school is maybe 5% important...

    Who you had for instructors (inspirational ones, mean ones, etc) contributes another 5%

    The rest is up to you, and what you learn along the way...I've only been doing this 12 years, and have so much more to learn...

    The friends I still have from GCU mean so much more than anything else there that happened to me...

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    Where I went to school, and the teachers there don't even rank as high as 5% total. My teachers were neither mean, nor inspirational.

    I'd give my tech experiences and EMT experience much more credence than that. In fact, I learned WAY more skills in those two professions than I ever did in nursing school.

    But, I was speaking of new nurses coming into nursing with a poor background from thier school. I'm well aware of what experience means as a nurse. I'm well aware of what each day brings to my practice, how each shift I learn something new.

    I'm not your typical new nurse. If you met me, you'd never know I was new.

    But that's ok, because it's the only argument that you have left, I guess. When all else fails, point out how much more experience you have over the people who disagree with you. It was very thinly veiled...

    Honestly, I barely remember the people I went to NS with. It seems like eons ago. I could literally care less about them.

    I care more about the quality of MY education. Not if I make lifelong friends there. Wasn't that the point of this thread? Somehow, I mentioned that I didn't think it was the best BSN program in town, and it turned into a "wait until you've been a nurse as long as I have" speech.


    Again, the point was that thinking that GCU was a top ranked school, and how it made me chuckle.

    Still does.

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