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Hey! Just wondering if anyone out there has applied for the MUSC BSN Program for Fall 2014??? I plan on applying this December so just want to know if any other applicants are out there or if anyone knows any tips that you could... Read More

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    Oh my gosh!! I can't wait to get home now and see if I got the same good news as she did!!

    Congrats to her!

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    Looks like we will be classmates- I got in as well!

    Good luck to all of you for the Fall!
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    ml52789 Congrats!!!!! I knew you'd get in!
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    Congrats, I knew you would get in! Now that your in, I need tips on that essay part lmao how did you get full points????
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    Thank you all!

    If you want to pm me your essay, I can read it and give you my opinion of it.. But that's really all I can do! I'm not a professional writer and I'm not in admissions so I don't know exactly what they are looking for!
    Like I said earlier, I talked about how the diversity of the nursing profession isn't just all the different fields of speciality, but the other facets of patient care that go beyond their health needs (and how I can contribute to that)
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    Hey everyone! I am applying for the priority Fall 2014 Accelerated BSN at MUSC!! I got so excited when I found this website and thread! The suspense is killing me for the wait!
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    Welcome clemsonBC! Did you finish all of your prerequisites yet? What made you want to come to MUSC instead of staying at Clemson?
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    Yes, I have finished all of my prerequisites! I am honestly just ready for some new experiences and I really enjoyed Charleston's campus when I visited! I'm just stuck playing the waiting game so I was excited to find people who are in the same boat! Maybe you guys can help calm my nerves a little! When do you think they will send out letters for priority admission?!
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    The website says "by December 30th" but I have seen on other threads that people find out around December 8th....soooooo long from now!

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