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Hey! Just wondering if anyone out there has applied for the MUSC BSN Program for Fall 2014??? I plan on applying this December so just want to know if any other applicants are out there or if anyone... Read More

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    Thank you @mamagui! That's some good and bad news then.. I'm glad they are increasing the class size! I just hope the 10 for priority has been increased too! haha I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will tell us soon
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    Have you called to find out when they are sending out acceptance letters?
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    No I wanted to give them a call this week but I chickened out. For some reason I feel like I'm bothering them when I call.. I worry too much! I'll probably give them a call sometime next week to see what the verdict is.
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    Keep me posted- I saw one thread where priority found out on the 8th of December so if you don't call, I will on the 8th! I filed in August, so for realz I am so tired of waiting LOL
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    I'm sure they increased the amount of priority acceptances- I was accepted for priority to start this January.. They increased the amount of out of state slots as well. I got the feeling that not very many people qualify/apply for priority so hopefully the admissions gods are in your favor
    Good luck... Hopefully good news from you all soon, just in time for Christmas!
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    @ml52789 congratulations thats awesome!! I bet you're so excited! Let us all know how you like it in January when you start! I hope the admission gods are in our favor too.. if the 8th is right then the wait is almost over!
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    Ok, so I just went back and searched for comments from people that were accepted to priority before and there was one post that said that they received their acceptance letter on Dec. 9....3 more days!!!!!
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    I called Mrs. Long today and she told me that decisions have been made!!? The decision letters are in the mail!! Blessings upon everyone
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    Fingers crossed for all of Y'all :0
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    Willxk- did you ask if you got in? You are new to the thread- are you local or out of state? What is your background? Welcome
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    Hey @mamagui!!! No, I did not ask if I got in, I just asked her if the decisions have been made. I am an out of state applicant from the University of Florida. I am graduating from undergrad in Spring 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Health Education. My pre-req GPA is around a 3.8, overall around a 3.5 and I have work and volunteer experience. I currently work as a certified nurse assistant at a rehabilitation hospital. Thanks
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    Oh my gosh I can't believe they're on the way! Do you think they would tell us decisions over the phone in the morning? If so, should you call the office of enrollment or the nursing department? I'm kind of nervous to call but I really want to know!
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    I think I read on older threads that people have called and been told over the phone once the letters were mailed. I'm too nervous to call, but let us know if you do!