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Hi, would anyone like to start a thread on getting into Motlow State's Nursing program this fall? I wish everyone luck.... Read More

  1. by   Jeepchick97
    Me toooooooo! Did you get any email today about it? I have this fee that they mixed me up w/ someone else and I'm not supposed to have been accepted. Paranoid...
  2. by   bdb1550
    No I never got an email about where so I called. Its in the marcum technology building room 105.
  3. by   Jeepchick97
    Awesome! Thanks! Too bad we won't be at the same campus. I too A&P I & II at the McMinnville campus, and I thought I was nice.
  4. by   bdb1550
    No problem. Yes it's small, but a very nice building since they added on to it.
  5. by   Jeepchick97
    I wish more people from this fall's Motlow program were on here.
  6. by   bdb1550
    Me too! Unfortunately a lot of people aren't as technology savvy as we are. I always research things and find out more about them if I can and that's what led me to this website. It's nice to have a supportive community and people to talk to that are going through the same experiences you are.
  7. by   Jeepchick97
    Oh, I totally agree! I research everything, too! I don't want to go into something uninformed or unprepared.
  8. by   bdb1550
    I think some people were scared to death yesterday. Wonder how many go running for the hills after that orientation? Lol. It's going to be hard and I knew it would be but I think some people were in total shock!
  9. by   evmarie
    There was a lot of info, and lots to get done before Aug 1st! But it should all be okay! I like "kiss your husbands and your babies goodbye because you won't see them for 2 years." Oh goodness! I am still so excited though, I can't wait to get started!
  10. by   Jeepchick97
    So where were y'all sitting? I was in the front row, center section. I couldn't really tell other people's reactions. You think people were stressing? Yes, that was a lot of info. Honestly, I think if already read about most of it. The only thing that might really throw a link in things, especially if I'm able/have to work part-time, is the fact that we have to drive the night before clinicals to get our assignment. I'm kind of confused about that. I signed up and paid for the CPR class. I'll be glad to get that out if the way. I've already filled out the forms that we were given. I guess I need to get my shot record, and get my physical and shots started. I really don't even know what I need. For me, the most confusing part was the books that we need. I was able to get 2 pairs of scrub pants & I got the kit w/ the stethoscope and the forceps. I think I've got a pretty decent start, but I still need to get two tops, shoes, pay for all books, and of course, wait on the info. about the drug test and background check. What all am I leaving out that's needed ASAP?
  11. by   evmarie
    I was two rows behind you on the left side! And I got stressed out by medical insurance but it doesn't seem like it will be that expensive thank god! The poor girl sitting next to me is going to have to retake CPR because she went through a place that was not the American Heart Association. But yeah physical, 2nd tb test, titer, background check, and drug test. I found all the books on amazon some for a lot cheaper! I haven't bought them yet but will slowly be getting them over the summer. I made a wish list on amazon with a bunch of the nursing accessories. I researched good cheap shoes, watches, and CPR masks, etc! I trust those amazon reviews haha!
  12. by   Jeepchick97
    Oh, don't forget about the liability ins.!!! I think I sort of remember you...we're the girl who said you went by 'Evie', or something close to that?
  13. by   bdb1550
    I was sitting at the second table in the center. I ordered some of my books off of amazon and my stethoscope off of which saved me a lot of money. Still need about five more books though! . I've had all of my titers done so I just have to get the physical thank goodness. But gotta get the liability insurance as well. I probably won't purchase that until July though.