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Hi, I am looking for a RN-BSN online program. Currently I am not working in the healthcare field as I just got my license and am trying to land that new grad position. I have few questions. 1) Does anyone suggest a good... Read More

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    If either of your choices require a writing class, I would definitely get that out of the way first, while you still forming a decision, if writing is not your strong suit. In my current RN-BSN courses, each post has to be formatted correctly, with proper citation within each post and at the conclusion. Having a strong grasp of writing makes it so much easier to take more than one class at once.

    Just my opinion...

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    I am enrolled in the RN-BSN program at East Carolina University. It is totally online. I don't know about other programs, but there are 2 writing extensive courses and this first semester it is all about learning APA writing style. Writing is going to be a big part.

    I just finished my 6 month new grad program. I still have class commitments though that program until May. I wasn't ready to go back to school right away after my ADN LOL.

    It is all about time management.

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