Kaplan RN to MSN Program?

  1. I have a co-worker currently about halfway through this program, and she's been telling me about it. She makes it seem so attractive, d/t the fact that the program does not require all the common English, Lit, History, Government courses most programs require.

    As I have very few of those "basic" courses done, not having to take them would be very appealing to me. Of course, Kaplan is VERY expensive...double or triple the cost of most other online programs (UT-Arlington, for example).

    The program is regionally accredited, offers MSN in Admin and Education (and maybe Informatics...), has no tests, is 100% online. All very attractive.

    So, I guess my question is: What's the catch? Besides the horrendous price tag, what are the other negatives for this program?

    Do any of you have any real experience with Kaplan? Anything that I'm overlooking?

    Thank you for any information you're willing to share.
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  3. by   tlc050505
    I am in the process of applying for the MSN-informatics program. I researched Walden, Phoenix and WGU and its pretty comparable in price. All of the staff I have spoken to have been extremely nice thus far.
  4. by   mtsteelhorse
    I was just looking at the NP program and honestly the cost wasn't bad. Many programs are
    $600 per credit hour. However, I did note that most of their courses are 5 credits which ups the price tag. But the overall tuition was about $33,000...not far off from many other programs. My concern is are these private schools merely diploma mills? I know WGU is not but I've heard these others are not as highly regarded due to that reputation. I would love some feedback. I'm looking at strictly online programs.
  5. by   Devon Rex
    Hi. There are "diploma mills" out there, but Kaplan is not one of them. They are top of the line in testing students for an array of board examinations. You can go to Barnes & Noble and you can find several of their study guides for whatever topic you need. You can also find them on Amazon.

    I go to Herzing University, but they use Kaplan exams for the midterm and finals. They also use all Kaplan examinations on the last term of their RN program... and right before you graduate, you have to take a mock test (simulates the NCLEX) otherwise you don't graduate. I'll tell you, they are hard... but they get you prepared for the field. That's for sure.

    Best wishes on your decision!
  6. by   traceydenise
    I'm currently doing the captain to Msn right now
  7. by   Bortaz, RN
    The what? I used to be a Captain...
  8. by   tlc050505
    I am currently in the 4th class of the MSN-Informatics program at Kaplan. I was very scared at first because I was unsure of the whole online thing. The staff at Kaplan are extremely friendly and care about you. The instructors interact on the discussion board and treat you like a person. I got my BSN from one of those "diploma mill" schools. I didn't know it at the time but now do now. That school is now out of business. Kaplan is about $1900 per course.... I am so happy that I chose Kaplan. I think you should try them. They have the 5 week committment where you can try the course for 5 weeks without any committment. You do not pay if you are not happy within those 5 weeks but I do believe you will be happy. Best of luck to everyone. If you have any questions you can contact me. I will gladly speak to you.
  9. by   starmickey03
    I too have been looking at Kaplans RN to MSN program. Im interested in the Administration specialization. Does anyone know if there is a clinical component to the program? Or is it 100% online. I also looked at Univ. of Phoenix RN to MSN program and they have a clinical component for the final class. I was wondering if it was the same for Kaplan.
  10. by   Kap2013
    The MSN Nurse Administrator program is online. In the final class, Practicum in Nursing, you will develop a project that is designed to examine or improve the quality of care to patients, improve clinical practice, or address a regulatory or accreditation concern. Part of the project includes working with a preceptor in a health setting for 125 clock hours. Final projects may include presentation, papers, seminars for staff at the facility, or other agreed upon activities. A letter of agreement will be completed between the health setting you select and Kaplan University to ensure that the practicum experience is structured and supported to meet the course objectives.
  11. by   Aradien
    I have just left the online program with Ohio University. Everyone that I have spoken with at Kaplan has been polite and totally above board. They respond very quickly and in a timely fashion. They make sure that you understand what is going on and work with you where you are. I very much am looking forward to beginning my continuing education with them.
  12. by   navynursejoy
    I just enrolled for the rn bsn program. My situation is kinda crazy because i have a bs and mph and doctorate. I need the bsn because i want to go to a particular DNP program. I am wondering about the clinical component that i was just informed of as of today. It was weird because it is nowhere in the description of the program so i am kinda wondering what that consist of.
  13. by   dotsewick
    Ms. Navy Nurse

    I have only one question why not go to the Federal Government...all you need is an MBA & you'll get 6 figures...with less stress. I admire your degrees...why nou USE them in a place that will reward you...look Federal....Wash DC or search around.
  14. by   dotsewick
    Sorry...the clinical part is when you go out to various facilities with instructors...find out how many semesters. I did one with each class. Psych, MS, Maternal child, etc. That was 35 years ago, though.