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I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear... Read More

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    Still no email that I didn't get in.... Hm.

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    NickWahoo, I agree, maybe you are on an alternate list. I would go ahead and call your counselor first thing on Monday and just ask if or when you will know. I mean classes aren't going to start until August maybe they will have openings then? But either way they need to tell you something!!

    Seattlegal, I never really got a set GPA answer either. I heard it just depends on the semester you apply and who else is applying with you. Some semesters may be more competitive than others because of who else is applying. I was told the Fall semester was the most competitive, then spring and then the summer. On my application I included that I have my CNA certification (though I am not currently working as one), I already have a bachelors degree in a previous subject, my pre req GPA was about a 3.5, and my TEAS were 80 for reading and 83 for math. That was enough to get me!
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    Hi everyone. I was accepted to GCU's Fall traditional program! I went to the immunization orientation last Thursday. It was only an hour long and it was only about the immunizations that we have to get. No need to take off work or anything. Nick, maybe you should try to apply to the traditional program. I heard that there aren't as many applicants for the traditional and my enrollment counselor said that it may be possible to switch over into the fast track if you change your mind and want to finish the program quicker. Just an idea. I really would like to finish the program in 20 months, but not having a break at all kinda scares me. So, I'm not sure what I would rather do. I only applied to the traditional because I still didn't take NUR207 or Stats yet, but I'm going to take them this summer before the program starts. I'm just happy that I got in at all. I'm really excited! Out of curiousity, how many of you are working during the program, whether it be part time or full time? I'm definately not going to work full time, but I'm considering doing part time. I just don't want it to interfere with school and not have enough time to study. Do you think it will be best to not work? I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks! Nick, goodluck on being accepted! Think positive!
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    Thanks for the advice, I'll def email/contact my enrollment counselor to inquire about traditional.
    I'm working 2jobs right now but only weekends. I switch every other between both jobs. Because its summer I'm averaging 30hrs/week bit once school starts I was planning on just weekends.
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    I was at the orientation today! meeting with the Dean before admissions...
    Wish me luck.
    I have a chance!
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    Good luck NickWaHoo!!
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    Thanks! I'll let ya know it goes.
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    Good luck, Nick! Hummm.. there were several male Asian student there so I guess I could say I may have seen you. lol So have you guys taken UNV and religion yet? I guess I'm going to wait till I can pile it on top of the full time credit load so I don't have to pay a huge chunk of change right at this moment. I am not thrilled but what can you do!?

    I thought the immunization orientation was informative. I was not aware we had to do lab tests vs. immunization records. I have an appt. with my PCP tomorrow to get all that squared away. And the DPS fingerprint card... I didn't realize mine was no good!? I have had mine for 2 years but it does not say level 1. FYI, UPS stores on Bell and also the one off Cave Cree (by Costco) do fingerprints for a small fee.

    Good luck to everyone!!! Let the paper-chase begin!
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    P.S. Nick, had I known you were going to be there, I would certainly have looked for you and introduced myself!
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    Yeah? Next time ill stand up and yell WAHOO! !

    Luckily I have the correct fingerprint and cpr cards. Immunizations are updated from the hospital. I just need health insurance now! Lol

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