Grand Canyon University Fall '11 HOPEFULLYS!! - page 4

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I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear anything back from GCU about... Read More

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    Omg I may need some ativan for all this anxiety. Ahhhh
    Ill be THE happiest guy all summer until school starts if I get in. Lol
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    Acceptance letters are out for Fall 2011 Traditional...I just got mine! Check your emails and good luck to all!!!!! =-)))
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    Congrats!! Im fast track so maybe couple more days?
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    Ya NickWahoo, I am thinking maybe the fast track is tomorrow?! I hope! I am so so nervous! Good luck guys!
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    I got my acceptance e-mail this evening for the fall traditional program!!! I am so relieved and excited. Congratulations to everyone who got in
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    So you guys did recieve your letters after 5pm? For some reason I kept thinking the emails would go out between 8am-5pm...maybe not?
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    I received mine at 5:24PM, so maybe they work till 6. Hopefully you'll hear tonight.
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    Im thinking it'll be tomorrow. What are the major differences between the traditional and fast track programs? Its interesting that they split the two up, in acceptance and immunization orientation, I didn't think there were any major differences. I just want to know already! Haha! A big congrats to those who found out, I am sure you all feel amazing!
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    Congrats to those of you who received the acceptance e-mail today! Hopefully the rest of us will find out sooner than later.
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    Yeah I was thinking we would receive emails in the am till 3pmish..
    Hmm.. they really want their applicants to sweat Haha... its working.