Grand Canyon University Fall '11 HOPEFULLYS!! - page 3

I just got done applying for GCU's fast track program to start this Fall. I'm hoping I get accepted so that I can start but might have to wait till Spring '12. Please let me know if you hear anything back from GCU about... Read More

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    I've been curious about that-after what block we would be able to apply for a job at a hospital/medical center. Since I chose traditional I would have summers off and it would be nice to have a job during the break. Keep us posted about what you find out about the CNA test after block 1. Good luck to you!!

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    Haha everytime my phone says I have an email, I also get nervous thinking its gcu! I know what you mean nickwahoo!!!
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    So i've read a couple different things.
    I've read that CHW accepts nurse externs after block 1 of nursing school. Mayo's nurse extern program needs to be junior year. Whatever that means. After block 3? And Banner you need to be within 1 year of graduating. Haha..
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    Thanks NickWahoo! I appreciate the info
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    My cell phone is driving me crazy too. I was really hoping they will start sending out acceptance (or otherwise) emails today... maybe tomorrow. lol Keep us posted!!
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    Ha ha we are all glued to our phones/computers! I thought they would send them out today too! Ahh! So acceptance letters are emailed out, do they email if you don't get in?? I shouldn't think that way...positive thinking!!
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    I'm pretty sure we get am email whether were in or not! But I agree, think positive!! =D
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    Any news?!
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    Nothing yet for me...I almost called today to see if they'd tell when exactly it'll be emailed out...waiting is the worst!! I am honestly surprised we haven't heard yet!
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    Well we should find out by tomorrow night at the latest because orientation is the 16th! Ahh!! Lol good luck to everyone!

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