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Has anyone been through the BSN nursing program at GCU? If things work out, I am hoping to start there in January. Thanks for any input!!... Read More

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    I am interested in GCU fast track options. I will have my bachelors (sociology) from ASU this May. When are the application due dates, and start dates? And is there a list of pre reqs online? Just trying to get this whole process started. I was planning on attending ASU's 2nd degree program, but apparently, it is not happening now…So I'd love to get some more info on GCU...
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    inspiredRN10 - The application deadlines are January 15, May 15 and September 15. Here is a link to the prereq requirements:

    I highly recommend contacting the enrollment advisor right away. There is a lot to get done prior to application. You'll need to take your TEAS, get a background check and start the fingerprint process just to name a few. Good luck to you and let us know if you decide to apply!!
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    Is there anyone applying for the summer fast track At GCU? I'm trying to get into the programm, but I need to pass that TEAS V test. Somehow, I'm really anxious about all this nursing thing since english is my second language... any insigh will help.
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    I completely agree with you. I hate the MSN teachers because they are not all that educated and they act like they have something to prove so they make the courses impossibly hard. This school has a community college vibe but costs ten times more. I have been struggling with the financial aid department and am not happy at all with how they have been handing things...
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    i have two friends that graduated with GCU from their program here in Tucson, and they didn't have any complaints, and they are great nurses 3 years later. The truth is, nursing school requires a lot out of you no matter where you go. You just gotta pay your dues and then the real learning takes place after you graduate.
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    Hi Angel,

    I'm applying for GCU's accelerated program for Summer 2011. I'm also applying for ASU's accelerated program that also starts in May 2011. I figure it can't hurt to try both and at least that way I'm pretty sure I'll get into at least one! I think GCU has 3-4 different campuses for fast track Summer 2011, which is pretty nice. I just wish they'd have a night and weekend accelerated summer program! Apparently they only do that in the Spring and Fall (and I think it's traditional).

    Good luck! I still have to take the TEAS too! Yuck!

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    How long are the fast track programs? As in, if I applied in May and got in for the fall, is the program 16 months?
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    no the program is 20 months
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    Yes I finally went in and talked with an advisor! Haha! Looks like I am all set though! I am the program very competitive? I guess I can't get too excited until I know how good my chances are!
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    They have many campuses now, Tuscon, Mesa, Scottsdale and Glendale. So I think getting in will be easier
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    They have a high NCLEX pass rate. Only 1 failed this last semester. You can look at AZBN.GOV and look at the NCLEX pass rates by schools.
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    Ya they have a campus right by my house, which helped me decide that is where I want to go. Well I am excited now to finally start!
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    Hi All! This is my first post and of course I accidentally erased everything I had previously written! There goes 1/2 hour+ of typing on my phone! Anywhoo I have come across some wonderful posts and have found a lot of helpful info. So thank you everyone
    I have a few ques. about the accelerated GCU BSN program.

    1. Since I already have a degree, what exactly are the pre-reqs? I have seen the general pre-req. info. page but I have learned that certain courses are waived?

    2. Someone said Jan. May and Sept. were the app. Deadlines. If I apply in Jan.Could I start as soon as May? What is their application process/requirements?

    3. Where are the campuses in Mesa or Scottsdale? I didn't know they had campuses in those areas?

    4. I have to petition 3 classes plus still take all three HCR 210-230 courses for the ASU 16 mnth. May 2011 program. If the committee rejects one class my GPA drops from a 3.91 to 3.86 because of a bad math grade so since the competition is so high I have been stressing out as to what I should do? I'm on the waiting list with Maricopa (2+ years) but attaining my BSN in a shorter amount of time is more desirable. Neither campus locations for ASU or GCU are desirable since I live in east valley but I will do what I need to do of course to get my BSN. My goal is NP and/or Naturopathic Med. School
    I appreciate any feedback. I will discuss my situation with an advisor but was hoping anyone could share some info. and assist me with formulating another plan! Thank you