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Hello All! Is anyone currently enrolled into the FNP online program at Georgetown?? I appreciate any feedback or input on this program. I haven't met anyone enrolled in the course yet...and i was a... Read More

  1. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Congrats Davesbride! I'm still waiting, hopefully will hear one way of the other by next week, although I applied to Simmons as well and their format is EXACTLY the same as Georgetown and their on-campus program has had a consistent 100% board pass rate for FNP, and they are almost $35K cheaper, so i'm holding out to see if I can get accepted at Simmons. If I do I"m going that route regardless of GU or UC acceptance. It's exactly what I'm looking for, and it's the same length program as GU full time too =) I still want to know about GU though hahahaha!
  2. by   CKPierce
    Congratulations Davesbride! That is wonderful news for you! Good luck in the program I think it is a great school to go to for the FNP program.
  3. by   missmelissarose
    Carol, what was the transfer process like to Georgetown? I'm in another online program but thinking of transferring...
  4. by   missmelissarose
    Carol, what was the transferring process like? Did you have to do the full application?
  5. by   applesandfishes
    thank you for the lengthy insight! i'm thinking of getting in an FNP program, and georgetown's program appealed to me the most. currently working 40 hours/week ( i love my job, no plans of moving ), so i will probably have to do the part time program
  6. by   rhartman
    I would also like to hear from more people currently enrolled in GU FNP program. Were you able to get financial help?
  7. by   davesbride
    I am starting the program January 6th. I can whole heartedly recommend the program thus far. My experience has been nothing but positive. When I was gathering info on schools I looked at A LOT of programs and Georgetown met all of my needs and the criteria I wanted. As far as financial help I did not qualify for any financial aid in the form of grants or scholarship but I did receive enough federal school loans to pay for it all. The program is expensive but to me it is an investment into mine and my family's future. Best of luck!!!
  8. by   uwaga
    I am contemplating applying to GU as well, all your post have been ex-streamly healpfu! GU adviser has been calling me unrelentingly but I'm one to do extensive research before committing to anything. (Life's Experiences are the best lessons learned). From what everyone has been posting, GU seems to be as though you are in the classroom because your are viewing via live video. Are you able to ask questions during the live sessions? I know there are ways to have loans payed for after completing the program as well as obtaining scholarships which can help with tuition, I'm still doing research on them. Has anyone received any scholarships and has GU admissions and Financial aide counselors been helpful with suggestions? Thanks for all responses and previous postings.
    For those of you in the program now, how's the program coming along, 7 what has been your biggest challenge/s?
  9. by   TimMack
    financial counselors are helpful. The program is rigorous, and you will need to set aside lots of time to study, but you will learn a lot and feel really prepared to care for patient. The hardest thing is to find time to study, and eventually you will need to go down to part time work. Good luck in your studies.
  10. by   BlueRN95
    For the nurses who are in the FNP program. Have you had a hard time being placed in a clinical site?
  11. by   bmegne
    I agree Patti_RN
  12. by   jnogueira
    Im in the middle of finding a FNP program. I don't want to wait a year before starting an in-class program so I am looking into an online. Can anyone tell me why they decided Georgetown vs South ? Im getting overwhelmed reading between the two and figured Id try to reach out to someone who looked at the same two options. Thanks in advance. - Jodi
  13. by   bmegne
    It is a preference thing. I personally like Georgetown University because of the way their classes are offered. The fact that they provide students with classes that are similar to the traditional program is very important to me. Their 100% passing rate is a big plus. The warm reception that you get from the staff is unbelievable. If I get accepted into that program I will not hesitate to jump in and start the program. Simmons College is also a great school to look into.