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Hello All! Is anyone currently enrolled into the FNP online program at Georgetown?? I appreciate any feedback or input on this program. I havent met anyone enrolled in the course yet...and i was a... Read More

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    Hi all, I just finished my ASN through Excelsior College and am Currently begining their BSN program. I have been an LPN for 6yrs, and plan on working the entire time I'm doing my BSN. I have a 3.0 right now, but hopefully after passing these classes i'm trying to get in the upwards of a 3.5.

    I also have the GI bill which I have 36mo left. I'm wondering if with the tuition being so high if the GI bill will cover some of it and then Financial aide the rest? I've always wanted to be an FNP but with hubby in the Army I had to repeat classes and start from scratch everywhere the Army moved us (hence the reason i went with Excelsior College)

    I'm very familiar with distance learning and this is the best option for me.

    Is anyone in the 18mo full time right now? What are your "hours" each day that you put into class? I can't really get any info from the advisors at Georgetown until I am within 3mo of graduating from my BSN. They were VERY nice to me though when we talked! He mentioned a 97% pass rate on the boards...but in early posts someone said they are not accredited? Is that true?

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    I just finished the 1st semester of the FNP program and it was intense. The program is expensive but it worth the price and the name recognition in the end. There are a lot of unemployed new-grad FNP. Georgetown on the resume will definitely open some doors
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    Schools do not start programs without getting accredited first. especially a high profile school like Georgetown. For example, I heard about a school that had a PA program and were looking into creating an online program. They had everything set up, but even before they were allowed to take applications, the accrediting body had to come and inspect the program so they can start. It turned out that they did not pass and the result was the shut down of this new program. So, if Georgetown has an online FNP program, I am 99.9% sure that the FNP accrediting body has inspected and bought off on it that is why it may be more rigorous than a traditional program
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    @melody, et al: I missed the previous comment suggesting that G-town's online program isn't accredited--yes it is. Melody is right: it meets the same standards as their residential NP program, and has the same accreditation. A quick visit to their website or a call to their admissions department will resolve any doubts!
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    I got a letter with a brochure of the nursing program via regular mail today. Still no word on admission/rejection. Did anyone else get this? I am not sure what this means?
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    Could anyone who is already enrolled tell me what the class time is like? I know you have to sign in at the scheduled time but what kind of times are we talking about. I work 2 days a week and dont get home till 8 or after so I was curious. I am apply for the Nov cohort.
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    Does anyone know if the FNP program is available in the state of California?
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    Yes it is. If you go to the Georgetown website of online nursing ptogram there is a link to what states they are approved in. Cali is listed.
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    I'm in the FNP program. Here's the general idea: at the start of the program you have about 6 hours of synchronous/live lectures every week. But in addition to that, you have between 3-8 hours of recorded lectures a week plus assignments, exams, projects, reading, etc. You must watch the recorded lectures. Once you start clinicals, class time is less.
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    i am in the FNP program just finishing the first semester. as far as i know, all the classes are Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. they are offered at a wide range of times, beginning from about 8:30 am til 8:30 pm EST, so depending which days you work, you could put multiple classes on one day that you are off or try to schedule for the 8:30 PM class.
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