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  1. I am hoping to enroll myself and pay for the NP boot camp? Has anyone utilize this course skill workshop? Pros and Cons? Also, when is the best time to utilize the boot camp skills if I did enroll myself? I want to prepare myself for clinicals, I am ...
  2. Graceland Summer 2014

    Hello EDRN2010, I guess apparently I cannot PM you since I haven't had enough post but if I give u my email can you message me. I want to get some insights on how to survive some of the courses or how to better prepare myself, i'm currently in the ...
  3. Graceland Summer 2014

    Hi Mdavidsoninc, I am also at graceland u currently and taking patho next summer trimester any inputs on how to be successful and if you don't mind who was ur instructor? I am taking patho and pharm separately so that I can focus one each subject wi...
  4. Info on Kaplan's MSN programs?

    nursekaty29, since you have gone through the Kaplan University FNP program, is there a way to private message me too about the program. I have applied and have decided to start in June and was hoping for some Alumni input which would be great.
  5. Can I still get my FNP in MN at masters level?

    mom2cka can you message me I would like to know more about the FNP program at College of St.Scholastica and how you like the program??
  6. start if care oasis time frames.

    Squeegee, Is there a possible way for you to share the oasis cheat sheet with me too? I am starting on homehealth as a new RN and it is very complicated. I would very much appreciate it. If you could pm or email me if you don't mind, I cannot pm you....
  7. Georgetown University ONLINE FNP...

    I would like more details on applying hoping to increase my chances of getting. How do private message you, if you don't mind.
  8. MSU Moorhead RN-BSN vs St. Scholastica vs UND vs Mankato...

    MN-Nurse2be now that u started the program in Jan. 2010 can give me more insights about ur program, it is an online program or not and how hard is the courses. I am starting the Post-bac nursing in May for the Duluth campus or online for I...
  9. Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln

    justwant2banurse or others: since u have taken this course, is there additional tips you can provide me, I would really appreciate. I really need to do well in this course, my acceptance is based on this course. Please me PM. Thanks so much
  10. Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln

    justwant2banurse: Since you have taken the course is there a chance you can give me tips, or please PM. I really need to do well in this course. Thanks.
  11. Accelerated Nursing Programs & Post-Baccalaureate Nursing Program

    I would like to know which direct entry master's program if you don't mind.