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I just wanted to start a thread for the Spring 2011 applicants for the ABSN program. I don't know if this is the first time the Gtown is using the nursingCAS or not, but I wanted to hear about everyone else's experience with it.... Read More

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    Congrats alex303! Yes, it is a huge weight of $$ off of the overall decision. I'm definitely going to do this. See you in January I hope!

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    Bad news is that i didn't get the scholarship.

    Good news is that i got the full 5k grant for the spring and summer semesters. I'm also guessing i'll get the full grant for next fall and spring as well so that's a total of 20k i can take off of tuition. Really tough decision for me.
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    Georgetown has such a good reputation! When I tell people in Southern California that I'm going to Georgetown, their jaw drops. It's a great school and having Georgetown University on your resume is soo valuable.
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    Congratulations Alex and Joe! Its such a huge relief to just finally know! I'll be seeing you guys there come January. Good luck with your decision bernbabybern. There's also scholarships at the Georgetown University Hospital that you could apply for as well. It's just something to consider.
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    Thank you. A 27% scholarship isn't too bad of a consolation prize. I'll probably end up sending in my deposit so that i have more time to think about it.
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    I hope everyone was able to make their final decisions. Are any of you coming from out of town? What are you guys planning for housing?
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    Hey everyone!

    So I'm taking a stab in the dark here that someone might read & reply to this message, though I'm sure most of you are super busy with finals. I was accepted for the ABSN program starting this Fall - we were not invited to personal interviews and all used the MyCollegeI video interview system. However, Georgetown is holding an "Experience Georgetown" afternoon for accepted students to get a feel for the program.

    Separate from this is a WHC interview morning, for those of us who submitted application essays for the scholarship. For your cohort, did they have a similarly separate WHC event? If so, what was the interview process like for the scholarship *only*? Everyone there will have already been accepted to the ABSN program, so we're just vying for scholarship spots. I'd love to be mentally prepared for whatever interview process they might put us through, since the scholarship would be a huge plus!

    Thanks very, very much!
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    When I applied (admitted Spring 2010), applicants still had to come to GU and WHC on the same day for a combo all day interview. The WHC interview was held at WHC, consisting of a get together discussion, followed by a tour, followed by very brief individual interviews. Your essay matters a lot. Then back onto shuttle buses to Georgetown, for lunch, group discussion and very short individual interviews.

    The thing to remember is that you are being watched and interviewed every minute. Dress professionally, act professionally at all times, and when it's your turn to talk, make every word counts. Try to make sure that at the end of the day, the interviewers understand why you absolutely HAVE to become a nurse.
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    Great, thanks so much for the info! Sounds similar to the morning they have planned for us, which will be a breakfast/info session, tour, and interview.
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    I'm in the Spring 2011 cohort (just finishing up our first semester!) and at WHC. I had a separate interview at G'town for the acceptance, and then a full day of information sessions at Georgetown in the morning, followed by a walk-through of WHC, an info session for WHC and short individual interviews at WHC. That day was really long, and I wasn't the only one trying to get my energy levels back up by the end of it for the interview.

    It sounds like it's just 1/2 day for you - so you won't have the same issue with fatigue! Do dress nicely, but wear comfortable shoes.

    Good luck!!

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