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Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else applied to the accelerated bsn program at Georgetown starting this fall? I am attending an information session in mid April and wanted to see if anyone else is going. Thanks!... Read More

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    I'll be at the Georgetown info session on 3/30 and the WHC interview/tour on 3/31. I also applied to Shenandoah and GW and have been accepted to both. Going to be some tough decisions to make!
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    I will be attending the 3/30 information session. Does anyone know where the session will be held?
    I'm hoping we won't have to wait to long to hear back from them with final admissions decisions!
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    I was actually wondering the same thing! I haven't received any emails. All I know from the initial email is that it's at 2pm. I'm assuming it's at St. Mary's Hall b/c that's where the nursing dept is located. I was going to email them tomorrow to find out. From reading the past year's posts, it sounds like people didn't find out until end of April or early May.
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    I am attending the mid april info session and WHC interview! very excited! does anyone know how many they invited back for this?
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    Also, those of who you applied to GW, when and how did you hear you were accepted? I also applied but have not heard anything from them...
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    I'm going to the info session tomorrow and got an email yesterday with details about location, parking, etc. I assume everyone who is registered will get that same email prior to their info session....

    Emma, I applied to GW a month early and just heard back on March 22. I applied on Jan. 13, got an email on Feb. 15 saying my application was "under review" and received my acceptance letter last week. I was notified via email to log into my GW online application (the one we had to do separate from Nursing CAS) and the letter was there. FYI, there's a separate thread going for the GW program if you wanna jump in there too!
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    I got an email today about the info for the visit day. 2pm-5:30 and then at 5:30 is the reception! What a long time!

    Here's the GW page
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    To those that went to the info session this weekend how did it go?
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    It was fine. The information session was all about the school, cost of attendance, and q&a. 4 current students also came and talked to us. All informational. The WHC day was more formal. We toured the whole hospital and then did individual interviews with the faculty.
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    Thanks...did they give you any idea of when you would hear about acceptance and the scholarship?