Georgetown ABSN Fall 2011

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    Any applicants to the Georgetown ABSN program for Fall 2011 out there? I have been reading old threads from last year and for applicants to Spring 2011, but it would be nice to have a place for Fall 2011 applicants to talk.

    From what I read in past threads, the application to the WHC program is sent out any day now and we hear about whether or not we are being interviewed at the end of February.

    So who's out there?

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    I'm also applying to Georgetown for Fall 2011 and I've definitely been reading the threads for previous applicant pools as well!

    I received an email yesterday regarding the WHC application and general confirmation regarding my application.

    I guess the WHC application is due a couple of days after the admissions decisions are made (in April), so they have to give you a head start on the essay portion of the application.

    I'm definitely nervous and would love to hear from others about what they're hearing from Georgetown as well! I know the program is very competitive so I'm crossing my fingers for a favorable decision!

    Thanks for starting this thread!
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    Hi! I am also applying for Fall 2011. I haven't heard anything yet. My NursingCAS transcripts still haven't been completely processed, so that is frustrating.
    Good luck and let me know if you guys hear anything.
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    Are you all applying to any other schools in the DC area?
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    Hi, I also applied to GW and Catholic. How about you?
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    I applied to Georgetown as well! Will we be getting invitations for interviews even though we sent in those MYCOLLEGEi videos?
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    I'm applying to Trinity, GW and Marymount and of course, Georgetown. There are so many great options in the DC area. I sort of think we won't get interviews at Georgetown this year because of the videos and because it didn't say anything about them in the application guide. Who knows though. I think there are interviews for WHC scholars though.
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    Hi there,

    I applied for Fall 2011 as well. I received the confirmation email mid-February. I am definitely nervous and antsy for their decisions! I don't think we are being invited to interview this year. I believe the MyCollegei video is serving as our interviews, but I could be mistaken!

    Good luck!
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    Hi! I applied to Georgetown and GW for Fall 2011. Got my confirmation and WHC info a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for starting the thread, I've been looking at previous threads but it seems the application process is a little bit different this time around since the MyCollege interview was required. Good luck to everybody!
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    Hello there... I applied as well and received the same information. The anticipation is agonizing! I applied to catholic and gw as well. I received my acceptance letter from gw last week, so I'm really excited about that. =) georgetown is obviously top choice, so here's crossing fingers! Good luck everyone!

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