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Any applicants to the Georgetown ABSN program for Fall 2011 out there? I have been reading old threads from last year and for applicants to Spring 2011, but it would be nice to have a place for Fall... Read More

  1. by   mailedc
    I'm most likely going to Georgetown as well! The visit was great on Friday...made me really excited for the fall! And like I said, I was blown away by WHC on Saturday. After the visit I think I would commit three years there after graduating even if they weren't going to give me the scholarship!

    I'm in the DC area as well (in the U Street neighborhood)...trying to figure out where to live next year will be easier once I know about the WHC scholarship...but I'm probably going to try to live somewhere without roommates (all of my friends are far too much fun to be conducive to studying) and closer to Dupont (read: GUTS bus).

    SO excited to start nursing school!!!
  2. by   sdahl2
    what did people wear for the experience georgetown?
  3. by   mailedc
    Hope everybody had great interviews!! I guess we hear back this week! So exciting!!
  4. by   ntgibbs
    I am new to the site and have been reading through several forums regarding Georgetown's ABSN program. First, I want to congratulate everyone that has been accepted into their desired nursing program and those that will be graduating soon. I hope that you all are successful in your future endeavors. Oh yeah... and good luck with the scholarship or whatever your financial options may be.

    I am applying for Spring 2012 enrollment at Georgetown, and I have been getting really nervous from reading everyone's comments. As everyone else has expressed, the tuition is overwhelming without the scholarship assistance. I live in North Carolina, and my attending Georgetown would depend on my acceptance into the scholarship program. I would have no choice other than to move to the DC area.

    I have several questions, and I would be so appreciative if anyone could offer some insight.

    What degrees do you all have? Do you know if your previous degree makes/made a difference in your acceptance (do certain degrees get accepted over others or do they "add an edge")?

    Do you think that there was anything specifically about your application, essay, or transcript that may have given you the edge over the other applicants?

    If you received the scholarship, do you think that there was anything about your application, interview, essay, or simply your initial impression that may have given you an edge?

    NYCgal: How did you create your spreadsheet with the different statistics of the various nursing programs and would you be able to share some of your information with me?

    Sorry if I'm asking a lot. I'm just trying to assess my likelihood of being accepted into the nursing and the scholarship programs. My plan, in addition with their tight deadline and response schedule, is very dependent on each aspect of this process.

    Thank you so much for any help that you can provide...
  5. by   Pokytrokyt
    Hi ntgibbs,

    All good questions!

    I'm graduating from the ABSN program at GU next week, and am not a WHC Scholar. However, since about half my cohort are Scholars, I know a good deal from them about the program.

    First, I suggest you apply to GU. It's a great nursing program. It doesn't cost that much to apply, and if you don't get the scholarship and/or the GU admission at least you made the effort. Also, it's not a brand-new program so they've worked out a lot of the bugs (but no program is perfect).

    Based on what I saw in my own cohort, here are some of the things that may give you a bit of an edge when you apply:
    - GPA helps a little. A really decent GPA from a hard school would stand out. But IMHO, this program is more about grit than grades.
    - Your grades in sciences matter more than humanities, especially pre-reqs like chemistry, A&P and microbiology.
    - Prior experience in some facet of healthcare helps. Like having been an EMT, or having a degree already in a healthcare related field, biology, or chemistry.
    - Prior experience in something like the Peace Corps, teaching, or significant volunteer work in hospitals makes you look more interesting and committed to caring for others.
    - Some other interesting former line of work may stand out. One of us had a long career in IT, another managed bars before nursing school.
    - Males have a bit easier time getting in, since fewer men apply and nursing schools are always looking for diversity.
    - Foreign language skills are a plus, especially Spanish.
    - Being a bit older is a plus. There are only a few in my cohort who started the ABSN program right after college.
    - Intangibles like maturity, poise, communication skills - verbal and written are important. You do a lot of writing of care plans and papers in this program.

    You don't need to know what kind of nurse you want to be (OR, ICU, Med/Surg, Psych, Public Health, whatever) before you start the program. You do need to have a REALLY good answer for why you want to be a nurse.

    GU is looking for people who will not drop out of the program once they start, who will graduate on schedule, who will pass the NCLEX on their first attempt, who really want a career in nursing. If someone drops out of the program once it's in process, there's no way to fill that void.

    In my cohort (57 people), one person decided to slow down and graduate with the next incoming cohort, and 6 people failed a class (72% or less in any nursing class), forcing them to graduate with the following cohort, too (since there's not time to go back and re-take a class unless you slow down). But no one dropped out. The youngest student in the cohort was 21, the oldest was 58.

    I need to stop writing and go study for finals. :-)
  6. by   NetteNurse
    Hi Pokytrokyt, Quick question - for non WHC scholars, would you say you're very likely to find alternative funding for the program (i.e. other loan reimbursement programs) or are most stuck with the full cost of the program? Do the bulk of the loans wind up being private loans with the higher interest rate?

    I can't imagine having to pay $800 in loans per month on top of a mortgage and other bills for the next ten years when I also plan to make babies after I graduate from the program...
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  7. by   Pokytrokyt
    I don't know of many other loan reimbursement programs, other than the WHC program. One of my friends got a scholarship for $10,000 (I think) from Virginia Hospital Center (outside DC). Not sure if that's still being offered. There are small scholarships available from time to time from non-profits like nursing societies, but most of those are chickenfeed ($500).

    Assume you'll have to pay it all back over ten years, unless you're willing to go work for the Feds in some godforsaken place for 3 years after graduation, like the Uniformed Public Health Service. They'll will pay off your loans over several years of employment, I think. And I think a few states will also pay off some of your loans if you're willing to work in a setting of their choice (economically challenged area, or school nursing, or something).
  8. by   NetteNurse
    Thanks, very helpful!
  9. by   mailedc
    Has anybody heard back from WHC? So ready to hear back so I can figure out my final plans. I would obviously love the scholarship, but after visiting, I think I might be even more excited about working there after school!

    Just a note on repayment programs. I've heard good things about the federal repayment programs and I've even heard that many DC-area hospitals qualify as under served hc facilities...I know that with the federal nursing scholarships it can be tough because you're at their mercy when you're done with school in terms of where you work, but with the repayment programs I think you have more flexibility. Or at least that's what I've heard!

    Thanks for all of the helpful comments! Again, can't WAIT to hear back about WHC.
  10. by   mailedc
    Just found out I got it!
  11. by   rikkitikki
    Quote from AMM430
    Just found out I got it!
    Congratulations! How did you find out?
  12. by   mailedc
    I got an email from Financial Aid and then an email from the person from WHC who has been in touch with us about the program.
  13. by   jennmcschmo
    Did your financial aid email show that you got the scholarship?