Famu Nursing School Spring 2014

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    Has anyone already began submitting their applications to Famu nursing program for the spring of 2014? Im about to submit mines. Any pointers? I stay n Miami Fl standing at a 3.5 GPA. Where can i access everything I need. If possible send me a link.

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    Hello I am also applying to nursing school in spring. you can go to our school website or google famu nursing school and it will give you all the details for the program.
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    Also the application is not due until october 15th, but you can start submitting october 1st.
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    Hi I'm currently attending Bc where I'm trying to finish up my pre-reqs for Famu's nursing program for fall 2015 I know its a bit far off. But I do have some questions for people who are currently in the program and who have previously applied.

    1 What was the application process like?
    2 Do I need an essay? ( I saw it somewhere but I'm not sure if its true or not or what about)
    3 Did you have to go to an interview?
    4 Did you have time to get housing? (I live 6 hours away so I want to be prepared)
    5 What was your gpa like? (if you don't mind me asking)
    6 Also what is the tuition like?

    I'm so sorry if this is a bit much. It's just that I want to get into their program soo bad! And I want to be super prepared!
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    I will be be applying too starting next week
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    Hello, yes you do have to write a essay. You can go on famu nursing or google famu application and it will tell you everything you need to know. Yes a interview is required and you can live on campus or off campus. The program is very competitive. My Gpa is 3.7
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    I am applying next week. You have to write an essay and attend an interview. I have seen on other threads that some people have trouble with housing because it can take awhile to find out if youre accepted. The cost for an in state student is about $18,000 with on campus housing and fees and stuff. My gpa is a 3.39 but I took more advanced science and math classes than are required so im hoping that helps me.
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    I was trying to find out what the actual essay was about. Do you have any ideas?
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    Hi everyone! I am currently a pre-nursing student at FAMU and am also applying for the spring semester. My gpa isnt bad but its not where I want it to be, I have a 3.30 but hopefully my essay will help me get that interview. The essay is basically about how you value education, why you chose nursing and how you plan to complete the nursing school so nothing to difficult to answer. I hope to see you all admitted into the program!
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    Thank you! This kind of helped me alot! Well good luck & I wish you the best!

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