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I just got the wonderful news that I was accepted into Duquense's accelerated program yesterday!!! It was my first choice so I am rather excited. I start August of 2014! Anyone been through the program that can offer any advice?... Read More

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    Its located in downtown pittsburgh which is a beautiful city. It sits on top of a hill so it is kind of "on top" of downtown. I was pretty impressed with the nursing program when i visited for open house. It looks as though they offer a plethora of clinical sites to choose from as well as a preceptorship. They also have plenty of clinical simualtion labs for different settings in the hospital including critical care. THe staff seemed very friendly as well. Are you deciding to go to Duquesne? i believe the deadline to respond is Dec 1st.
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    Congrats! I was also accepted for the Fall '14 start. So excited (and nervous)! I was impressed when I had my meeting, however, I wish I would've asked how exactly the clinical sites are assigned since I'm pretty dead set on where I would like to go from the choices shown. Hopefully we have some say!
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    I sent in the deposit! Still not 100% but I feel better knowing I have the option. I'm from a really small town and never thought I would like city life, but Pittsburgh is really great! There are a lot of colleges in the city and I have always gotten the impression it is very student-friendly with a lot to do. From what I have heard (my college is ~30 mins away from Pitt) the medical industry and UPMC is quickly becoming what Pittsburgh is know for. The city also has a really historic feel from the remnants of the coal industry.
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    I put down my deposit as well! Does anyone have any idea when we will get more information from the school? I am down in Texas so I have primarily been using the website and faculty contacts for information.
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    I also placed my deposit - several weeks ago actually. I, too, was wondering when we would be receiving additional information from the school. The website placed a date for a Preview Day but it was only for the traditional 4-year BSN students. I've heard in the past that Duquesne sends out packets with more information in the Spring, maybe around March or so. Seems so far away!! Hopefully we will hear more soon. It's nice to meet some future classmates! Looking forward to beginning our (crazy) journey in the fall!

    What field of study did everyone graduate in?! I have my BS in Healthcare Administration and currently work in a hospital pharmacy.
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    I'm presently in the program at Duquesne, and I have to warn you guys, although it might be late, none of us are satisfied here. From top to bottom, it's a catastrophe. In the first semester we haven't really learned anything, there's no assessment of your progress (just all-or-nothing midterm and finals), and to top it off there is a general consensus here that our final grades were just made up (of course, you can't see your finals, it's not as though you could learn from them; incidentally, I know people whose grade on the midterm changed 10% when they contested it because of how poorly it was graded). I'm not disgruntled, but I read a warning from someone last year to avoid Duquesne and I ignored it, so I want to pass the warning on (again, I don't know a single student who is content with the program; when the MEDIAN final grade in a class is 52%, there's something amiss).
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    i believe the open house for accelerated program is february 9th..i checked on the schools website
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    Im currently a respiratory therapist at a childrens hospital...i have a BS in respiratory care and a Masters of Public health as well! so ready to start this journey soon!
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    omg! a median of 52% ive heard such great things about the program, what do you think the problem is? the teaching? are you stiil in the program?
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    That 52% is really scary! I did hear wonderful things as well, however, I guess they weren't from anyone who is currently enrolled in the program.

    On a lighter note, I just signed up for the info session on February 7th. Anyone else planning to go?!

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