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Hello all, I just received a letter from Drexel saying that my application for the ACE program is now complete and Iím waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else here is applying for the same program and received an... Read More

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    AugustRain -

    Thanks so much for your kind words! And more importantly ... CONGRATS!!!!!! I've seen a lot of your posts on here, and appreciate your positive outlook on the program. I know it's going to be an intense year ahead of me ... but that is why we signed up for it in the first place! I'd love to pick your brain about some things, but I'm sure right now your main focus is on celebrating / NCLEX prep! Congrats again!!!

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    Thanks Jenn! I'm very excited, but way too tired to celebrate properly haha. And thanks to HESI, I think I'm pretty much set for NCLEX, so I don't feel guilty about spending the whole day doing nothing. Feel free to post or PM me, I'll do my best to answer your questions. Enjoy the next few months, you're in for quite a ride in the spring!
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    I have a quick question:

    I got my Transfer Credit Evaluation today, and everything seems to have transferred over, but I'm having a freak-out about my science classes. My A&P courses are only 4 credits, not 5 as Drexel says it requires (mine are 3 credits for each lecture & 1 credit for each lab) ... the letter has a line explicitly stating each must be the 4 hour class + lab ... has anyone else had this issue?!?

    I just got this letter & sent an email & will call tomorrow, but would love to hear if anybody else has had this issue ... I don't want to stop sending out my apps to other schools if this won't transfer ... and every local school down here in Florida only has the 3 + 1 credit hour A&P classes, so I'm pretty much out of luck if this is the case. I appreciate any comments/ help with this - thanks!!
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    hmmm thats odd... but no worries, it's only 8 credits for A&P in total (I and II) 4 credits each. they will transfer over. Give them a call tomorrow and double check, but you will be fine with that.
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    Cocobelly - thanks so much for the reply! I'm definitely going to call tomorrow ... I really have my heart set on Drexel. I take it (from what I've gathered from your posts) you're starting in Spring '10? Have you figured out your living situation yet? I know it's months off, but I want to get everything squared away well before the program!
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    i already live in Center City, so I'll be staying here. The cost of housing for me is almost the same as it for the housing they provide.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Meghan and I was recently accepted to the ACE program to begin Spring of 2010 also!! Congratulations to everyone!! I am from Massachusetts and will be moving to Philly if I accept. I wanted to know do ACE students usually get apartments close to the school or do they use the on campus housing? And I just wanted to know the actual start date of the program. Does anyone know? I heard March but I am not sure if this is correct?
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    Hey everyone!
    I am all set for the Spring 2010 semester! I am from Long Island, NY and just had my first visit to Philly! What a beautiful city!!! I talked to a current student and they said that YOU NEED A CAR- for clinicals and to live out of stiles dorms (which is the graduate building). I visited a bunch of apartment complexes and would LOVE a roomate! I am trying to get names of people from the program to see who else is in need of a roomate, but maybe if I post on here I can talk to you personally!
    I am SO excited about starting this program with you all! Is it true it is only 80 of us?! I would love to meet up somewhere before we even start the program.. Its going to be a fun journey together!

    I look forward to hearing from everyone!!! =D
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    Hey Jenn!
    haha I guess there are lots of jenn's hah-- CONGRATS ON GETTING IN!! You sound psyched! We are both so passionate about this program!! I cannot wait!
    I would LOVE to meet up with everyone or chat before we begin the program. As I had mentioned on another post I am looking for a roomate to share a studio or one bedroom apartment in Philly! =D How exciting!! I want to share interests and see if we are a match! Let me know if anyone is interested - I am from NY right now and just visited Drexel for the first time. =D
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    Congratulations on all who have recently received their acceptance to the program!! I am also hoping to find a roommate in/surrounding the Philadelphia area. However, I am looking to have a living situation where everyone has their own individual room.

    Also, from previous posts that I have read, it seems that living close to the campus is really only beneficial the 1st quarter because that is when you have more class time vs clinical time. After that quarter, you are doing so many clinicals, and you have no say on where you complete them, so you could be very far away from campus....so I would prefer to find a place with a little more space, and a little less in rent (and preferably free parking) and just bite the bullet and do the little extra commute to campus during the 1st quarter.

    If anyone is interested, please let me know. I will be traveling out of the country before school starts, so I would like to have things settled before the chaos beings !


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