How long can port-a-cath go without flushing - page 2

i work for home health. i have a patient who has a VAD (port-a-cath, lifeport) which was due to be flushed the end of last month. she was in the hospital and it didnt' get flushed. i am telling her... Read More

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    Quote from thecooperhouse
    I'm a student and I have a question - what would you do you if you had a patient like the above that went a year or more without getting the port flushed?

    I know someone said they wouldn't flush it - so what would you do?

    Well, I still would NOT flush it, but rather I'd aspirate first and if I could pull off 7cc or so of blood discard then I'd be okay with flushing. No blood return = No flush. And I'd watch the patient for s/s of the "septic storm".
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    Depending on the dx., some onc. recommend keeping the port in for a while after treatment is finished if there's a high likelihood of recurrence.

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