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    Hi all!

    I have been doing lots of research over the past few months for CNA training so I thought I'd get it all together and hopefully it will help someone. Please let me know if I have made a mistake, something should be added, etc. I want this to be accurate and will edit the page as needed.

    Dream Maker School for Health Care Aides
    ~Tuition: $525 plus shoes, scrubs, stethoscope, state certification fees, and TB skin test.
    ~10 day classes.

    Wings Health Care Training
    .~Tuition: $550. (They offer a Home Health Aide class for $125 but the CNA class is required first.)

    Interim HealthCare

    ~4 week class M-Thur 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    ~Financial Aid Available
    ~Tuition: $550.00

    OSU Certified Nurse Aide Training
    ~Tuition is free if you agree to work in an approved LTC facility for 12 months; otherwise, it is about $455.
    ~Day classes M-F for 12 days from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Tulsa Technology Center

    Tulsa Community College
    ~I think this is PCT training rather than CNA.

    Oklahoma State Department of Health Nurse Aide Registry
    ~This is a list of approved training programs in the state, including LTC facilites. Type the name of your nearest city in the search box to see if there are any programs close to you.

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    This list has been a wonderful help!! My daughter has been trying to find a program, and still be able to work. We've decided to give the Wings program a try.You cannot imagine the problems we've had with the OSU CNA Training class. We signed up in Jenks for the Tulsa class around April 15th. Apparently, their HR person was not doing their job and was fired (this is what we were told). She lost her application. Had we not gone to the Jenks office, it would have been swept under the rug. We only went there because we had called every day for a week and got nowhere, and now it was the Friday before the class and we still had not heard anything. The Jenks office overnighted the app to OSU, and also faxed it to them while we were there. They (OSU) would not take her because they had to have the original in their hand, which would be on their desk Monday morning anyway. This sounded ridiculous! It only got worse.She said she would wait until the next class. The Jenks office told us she would be put in that one. Class time rolls around...nothing. When I called, they said the Jenks office sent a lot of apps to them, so she would be in the NEXT class! It's now June 1st...still no class. Now we're told she'll be in the NEXT class, around the middle of June. Okay...totally ridiculous, but okay. It gets worse.Today we actually got a phone call from them. They won't be having another class in Tulsa for awhile, so would we consider driving to CLEVELAND??!! What kind of 3-ring circus are they running there?! If there's no more organization than that, I'm not so sure I'd want to be learning from them, much less have them treating my loved ones! I can see it now..."Well ma'am, we don't know where we put your father, but we'll see if we can findhim next month!"
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    Geez, that is awful! I haven't talked with anyone who has taken the course there but I will keep your story in mind. I haven't heard to many great things about Wings either so please let me know if it worked out for your daughter.

    I went through Interim for my training and I can't say enough good things about them! I would train through them again if I had to and recommend them 100%.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I hope it helps someone else trying to get training.
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    Do you know if there's any way to become state certified as a CNA without taking one of these courses? I've been working as a Nurse Aide and Cross Trained Assistant at a Tulsa hospital for over a year now...except I'm not certified. I'm applying to nursing school in a few weeks and being a CNA is an admission requirement...they said I can *try* petitioning it since I work as a Nurse Aide - with letters from my instructor and managers, but that it would be best to try to get certified quickly, if I want to get accepted for the Spring. I REALLY don't want to pay $500+ to learn things I already know and do every day. Is there a way I can just sit for state certification? I can't seem to find this info anywhere! Is there a state website with information about certification?
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    The only website I know of is the deparment of health. The best way I could think of to find out if you HAVE to take the class is to call one of the testing sites. I took mine at the Green Country Technology Center in Okmulgee, which I heard was the easiest place. Tulsa Tech does testing also.

    I am concerned for you though because even though you know what you're doing, there's still all the book stuff you have to know in order to take the written test. A lot of it is questions over LTC-type stuff. Plus having to know the "correct" way to perform your skills.

    I guess if all else fails you can take the course at Wings or Dream Makers since those are the shortest. Other than that, I really don't know.

    Let me know what you find out.

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    Thanks for your reply! Since my last comment, I have decided to take TCC's CNA I course this fall. It's only 5 weeks and tuition cost is $280 (I'm not sure about books/supplies/scrubs yet, it'll probably end up being comparable to the other programs you list above). It's 3 credit hours, and since I'm already taking classes there in the fall, it'll be the easiest on my schedule. Plus, if I do the TCC CNA course, when I apply to TCC nursing school they don't require an additional skills assesment. So that's nice. I think they prefer you take their CNA course.

    I do feel totally confident in my book knowledge - maybe not *all* the LTC details since I've never worked LTC, but enough to be able to take a test - we have many geriatric patients and deal with sundowner's, Alzheimers, confusion, mobility issues and daily care challenges of the geriatric patient. My hospital trained us using accredited CNA curriculum, 1 week of 8 hours a day lecture, and 4 weeks of clincals, then a written exam and a skills exam. It really should have been a state approved program, but my instructor was in the process of getting it approved when she accepted a job at another hospital, and the new instructor just doesn't care, since she kind of got thrown into the job and already has other responsibilities.

    And I know I probably don't do all my skills the "proper" way all the time (does anyone after a year on the floors? LOL), but I certainly remember how and try to as much as possible, since I'm the main preceptor for the ortho and cardiac floors and have a student or orientee almost every shift.

    I really think I would be fine sitting for the exam now, but I know it's best to do things in the proper way, and I'm sure I'll learn something new taking the class. I know it will be good for me to take a course, but I'm still going to grumble about the extra cost and extra time.

    I appreciate this list you've compiled - it's a great resource!
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    Sounds like you're confident and headed in the right direction. I hope everything goes well for you and wish you the best! Good luck!!

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    I just completed the CNA program offered from OSU-OKC and passed my CNA exams on August 5. I had no problem with the class which I took out in Claremore. So I would recommend it to others. Good Luck!
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    I live in Claremore and I've been looking up CNA programs for months. U went through OSU-OKC to get classes in Claremore? If you could give me any info, I'd grealty appreciate it.
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    Quote from Ash84
    I live in Claremore and I've been looking up CNA programs for months. U went through OSU-OKC to get classes in Claremore? If you could give me any info, I'd grealty appreciate it.

    Here is the location: (You will apply at this location unless OSU tells you otherwise)

    Tulsa/Claremore apply at
    Wood Manor Nursing Center
    2800 N Hickory Street,
    Claremore, OK 74017

    I hope this helps
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