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  1. I am out in WA state and I finish my CNA class march 12th. I am going to work as a CNA and continue to go to school to get my LPN, RN, and BSN. I am looking to move and buy a starting house by the end of next year and Oklahoma and the oklahoma city area are on the tops of my list of where I Would like to go.

    What is the states economy like in for nurses and what would a ball park figure be for a CNA and LPN hourly pay scales? I was also really amazed when I went to a real estate website for Oklahoma City and saw a bunch of houses fore 12-20,000 dollars. Is housing really that affordable because it seems way to low even for a boy from Washington state lol.
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  3. by   Lilnurse71
    I don't know of any houses in OKC for 20,000. I live in NW Oklahoma and most of the homes here sell for between 65,000-150,000. I think that is still lower than most other states. LPN's make around $16-18/hour around here in the nursing homes anyway. CNA's make around $9. I don't know it may be a little more in the city.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    A decent starter home in a decent neighborhood in the Oklahoma City metro area is going to cost in the $80,000 to $120,000 range. Those $20,000 properties that you are seeing are in unsafe neighborhoods that are riddled with prostitution, drug sales, robberies, and other criminal activity. You get what you pay for.

    CNAs in the Oklahoma City area earn in the $8 to $10 hourly range. LPNs earn in the $14 to $18 hourly range. A new grad RN will be started out at $18.50 to $19.00 hourly at most of the major hospitals in and around the city.
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    lol crime doesn't scare me really. I am 6'1" 250 pounds of fighting Irish stock. I keep big dogs sweet as sugar but sound pretty tough when they want to. lol as big as my dogs are my guns are bigger and I am a fan of house alarm services. I would like a house out in the country or sticks but work in the city but I wouldn't turn down a charming house in a transitional neighborhood though.
  6. by   jcmoore07
    I'm from Oklahoma, and you will find better deals out in 'the sticks'. Oklahoma has some very low housing costs compared to other states and very hot summers. Very republican state and pretty low on overall violent crime, low cost education and high on obesity, heart disease, etc...that is a good thing for health care providers, long-term job security. I don't think nurses make as much in Oklahoma as in some of the bigger cities, but again, the cost of living is lower. I think things are looking up for Oklahoma due to some improvements in the downtown area, a low unemployment rate and the acquisition of an NBA team.

    It's not a bad place if you like the pace of life. There are nice suburb cities to the metro OKC area like Yukon, Moore and Edmond where you can find good school districts and strong communities. Good luck
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    This website gives wage info on every job you can think of in just about every city you can think of!!!
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    Haha guns are bigger lol um I have to give a shout out for Tulsa from what Ive heard its nicer (cleaner, newer) than OKC. There is a lot of country just minutes from town, Owasso, Verdigris, Claremore. Also a great sight for cheap houses is It is hud homes and since you seem like you might be able to handle some repairs, it can be a great deal. It also doesn't cost anything like some of those other hud home sights. Hope this helps!
  9. by   sammiesmom
    We dont get a lot of snow, very humid, hot summers. Tornadoes in May. Fishing and hunting is popular here. Lots of churches if you like religion. I am single, call me! (lol jk)