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  1. jcmoore07

    Psycho-social needs being met by nurses?

    thanks for the info. This is good to know;)
  2. Hello, I wanted to ask the nurses in psych if your job as a nurse allows you to meet some of the psycho-social needs of your patients. I know some psych nurses participate in therapeutic groups. I have been looking at becoming a social worker or a nurse. It seems like nurses in psych do have a therapeutic relationship with their patients, but I'm not sure to what extent. Any info. would be appreciated.
  3. jcmoore07

    ADN to MSW

    Just wondering, what makes you want to be a social worker instead of a nurse? I have considered one or the other for some time as well. From what I can see, many registered nurses have and use many of the same skill sets as social workers. Such as in psych, gerontology, hospice, pediatrics, etc...a lot of these nurses get to address psycho-social needs of patients. While nurses generally don't do therapy, they do have therapeutic relationships with their patients, especially those who work in long term care. I am not bashing social work, because I think it is a good field as well.
  4. jcmoore07

    Do nurses get unemployment benefits?

    Nurses will get unemployment if they are terminated for performance reasons. In most situations, employers won't contest unemployment, but they will if you are terminated for willful violation of their company policies.
  5. jcmoore07

    Question for those career changers

    Thank you guys, for telling me your stories. I hope everything works out great for both of you. It is nice to know that other people are in the same boat. It is tough right now, with the economy, to consider changing careers and quitting jobs. But, hopefully in the long run, I will be satisfied with my decision.
  6. I am looking at starting my prerequisites for nursing and wanted a little advice. I have 4 science courses to take for the schools (both accelerated programs) I'm looking at applying to, and I am currently employed full time. The application date for the school I would like to go to is in January, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to complete all of these courses by that date (a requirement of the school), and I don't want to rush it and do poorly in the courses. So, I've considered keeping my full time job and taking 1 - 2 courses per semester and applying for the following year (Summer 2012). But, I also thought that I could dive in head first and get my CNA license, find a job as a nursing asst or tech and try to take my prereqs and see if I would have more time to work on school work. I am almost 32, and would like to get into nursing as quickly as possible, but I do want to learn the material well. I wanted to see if anyone had the same dilemna and/or had any advice from experience. Thanks a lot.
  7. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you had trouble telling your wife or significant other (for those in relationships of course) that you wanted to become a nurse? I'm sure for some of you, it may have been a natural progression, ie LPNs or other health care backgrounds, but for those of you coming from completely different backgrounds, how'd you do it? My wife already knows I've been thinking about doing it and looking into CNA courses and figuring out the schematics of getting into nursing school, prereqs and how long it would take, but I think she's scared I might actually do it. Thanks for any helpful input:rolleyes:
  8. jcmoore07

    OCCC nursing school

    Hi Dsteele, I am looking at the OCCC BADNAP course (that's quite an acronym) Anyway, I wanted to know how competitive the admissions are. I am in the process of doing my prerequisites at this time. I had like a 3.2 GPA in my undergrad but I've taken quite a few courses since I graduated and made all As. Any other tips you may have about the program would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. jcmoore07

    Psych degree vs masters in psych

    An MSW - Master's in Social Work could also be helpful to you if you are planning on being a case manager and/or psych nurse. Some schools allow you to do this part time and you could probably do your practicum where you work.
  10. jcmoore07

    CNA While Getting ADN?

    I am still researching if nursing would be a good fit for me. I am volunteering in the psychiatric dept. of a local hospital, playing games with patients. I have also been considering getting an MSW in social work. I am in the process of setting up a nurse shadowing experience. Do you guys who have gotten your CNA feel like it is necessary to know if nursing is for you; or do you think that shadowing is enough? My guess is that it's hard to know if a job is right for you until you really do it. Thanks for your replies.
  11. jcmoore07

    Is Psych Nursing Easy?

    So maybe I can ask you this...BSN Dec 2006, as someone thinking about getting into nursing. How would you rate the necessity to be technical versus having good interpersonal people skills. I know I have very good communication and people skills, but I am concerned about the level of technical knowledge and skill required for nursing. I believe it is something I can learn, but I am having trouble deciding if it is the right fit for me.
  12. jcmoore07

    Needing advice about MSW vs RN

    Thank you for the advice Kay. At this time I am planning on taking a CNA course soon to get an idea of what some of the gross side of nursing is and see if I can handle it, as well as to perhaps get a job while I'm taking nursing prereqs. I still haven't made up my mind about the MSW program. I know the financial outlook is not great, and that is really frustrating. Also frustrating is having to go back and get an ADN or try and get another bachelor's degree, plus all of the prerequisite courses after already having a bachelor's degree. I guess I will have to get over that. I never thought nursing would be something I would do, but after working desk jobs for ten years and hating it, I am excited about a career where I get to stay busy and directly help people at the same time.
  13. jcmoore07

    Is Psych Nursing Easy?

    What do you think of psych nursing compared to psych social work? I know the two are quite different in job functions. I am trying to decide between the two as a major of study. I like the idea of interaction with patients, 1 on 1 or in a group. I am quite interested in psychological disorders. I think psych nursing would be quite challenging, as would social work.
  14. jcmoore07

    Needing advice about MSW vs RN

    lovedillpickles - I have decided to volunteer in the psychiatric floor of a local hospital. I hope to get a better picture of what it's like to be a psych nurse and also a social worker in a hospital. I am not sure if this would help you, but it seemed like a good way to get a feel for someone who is a visual learner.
  15. jcmoore07

    Needing advice about MSW vs RN

    Hello, I'm a 31 year old guy, who's been trying to make up my mind about this for some time now. I am interested in the mental health field. I find it fascinating and I think it would be a great way for me to help others who suffer. I have a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, and basically a minor in Spanish. I've been sort of on an exceedingly random career and life path since I graduated from college 9 years ago. I worked for a year and a half doing design, realized it wasn't for me, found an internship in Costa Rica for 6 1/2 months, lived with a host family and learned Spanish. Pause...then I came back to the U.S., became an elementary ESL teacher, did that for a year and a half, then taught Art and Spanish to high school students online. I recently got married, moved to a different state and now have a completely different job working for the government. I do feel, however, that I am closer to my goal of helping people directly. I want to work with people in intimate settings, ie 1 on 1 or in small groups. Teaching didn't really allow as much of that as I wanted. I am fascinated by psychology, and I have begun a track toward getting my MSW (master's of social work degree). I have, however, been somewhat dispelled because I am concerned about 1. can I provide for my family on the income 2. if I have to get my master's part time (because I have a dayjob), then work for 2 years before I can get my license (it's my understanding that it's very hard to get good jobs without a license or at least any that pay well) is it worth it? I looked into the nursing field about 2 years ago, as well, and I took a couple of prerequisite courses for an ADN degree program (my thinking was that I could become a nurse and then go back and get a master's in the future should I so desire), and I did a little shadowing of an oncology nurse. I feel that a few things that are intriguing about nursing to me are 1. It's a busy job; you aren't ever really sitting behind your desk wondering why 4 hours seemed like 8...2. You have a very hands on job, where you are providing people something tangible, touch, the rewards nurses give people are manifested in very 'real' ways, which I feel would be rewarding to the nurse as well The challenge of becoming a nurse is definitely there. Science wasn't my best class in high school, but I don't think I really tried either. I did better in college, but I was still very young. I feel I could learn what I have to and pass the tests if I made up my mind to do it; also, I am not by nature the most detail oriented person; I have to work at it...I'm an artistic person, but I also can excel when I put my mind to something. After all of this nonsense, my question to you psych nurses is...for someone like me, what would you recommend...the MSW or going ahead and taking a 180...getting the ADN and trying to get into mental health nursing? *I appreciate anyone's time in reading and replying to this posting