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I am applying for the BADNAP (accelrated nursing program) at OCCC in Feb. and was wondering if anyone on here has completed it. I have heard great things and I have heard terrible things so I just... Read More

  1. by   OliveMay
    Hey Guys, I was out of town for a week so I apoliize for the slow response. JC I wouldn't take anatomy and chem during summer but thats just me. They are both very time consuming. If you think you can do it, go for it.

    Walkby- I picked baptist, deaconess, midwest and SW in that order. Also, have you gotten your CPR certificatio yet? If so, where at?
  2. by   chckd33
    hey, i was wondering if anyone has taken anatomy and physiology 1 online? I took a and p 1 with Professor ******** well...needless to say i didn't get my preference point like I wanted. I would like to know who suggests that I take a and p 1 this summer online. IF you have or know someone who has taken it could you tell me what its like and how hard it is? I'd appreciate it!!
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  3. by   aharris30
    Yes i have..... I would advise you to take it! It's is easier taking it online than on campus. But there is a TON of busy work to keep you on your feet (quizzes, discussion, labs). Probably more than what they have in class but it all can be done if you pace yourself and keep on track. The extra work helps your grade (just in case you do bad on a test). Although the classes may be full, when an open spot comes open TAKE IT! If/when you are able to enroll PM and i'll answer more questions.
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  4. by   BDot
    Hello everyone. Not sure if any of you will see this, but I am just wondering how the BADNAP program has been for you all. I have applied to the traditional program, but would love to apply to the BADNAP, too!

  5. by   A_Sanor
    I'm curious as well. I'm applying for the BADNAP to begin 2011.
  6. by   msc1
    We affectionately call BADNAP nursing school on crack now. But we have 8 weeks left so we are hanging in there.
  7. by   A_Sanor
    I have heard your class has a 50% attrition rate. Can you either confirm or deny this? It's very scary to think it's that high.
  8. by   msc1
    Yes we started the program with 58 and by NP III we had 30. Our final was Wednesday and I'm not sure how many of us made into the final smester. After the 1st semester we were down to 37. It is scary but doable>
  9. by   afineparadigm
    I've heard good things from Ms. ******. She said it's very competative, but an awesome program with awesome results. I'm looking forward to applying this time next year (sigh).
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