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Hello All! I am currently getting my nursing school application together for OCCC's (Oklahoma City Community College) Traditional Pathway Nursing application deadline in April. I just wanted to... Read More

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    Any alternates gotten a call or heard anything yet? Or has anyone heard anyone else declining? This limbo land is driving me crazy!!!

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    @ Koko Are you going to the 1+1 meeting tomorrow? I figure I will ask a million questions then...maybe they will have some info for us
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    Hey Kellum, I cant make the meeting tomorrow. My day is pretty crammed with finals at OU. I will def be going to the second one though. If you don't mind posting some of the info you receive at the meeting. Are you planning on going the 1+1 route? If so, which tech school?
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    I am going to apply to all of them,but I prefer Moore Norman. I will update as soon as i can after the meeting...hopefully, I will have some good news!!!
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    The 1+1 meeting was just basic info like applications, hours, and locations etc...but the ladies did say that everyone who applies for it generally gets in. She also said that you must work as an LPN while attending OCCC's career ladder pathway RN program even if it is very minimal. I talked to the guy in charge of admissions, and he said that today was the last day for people to accept or decline. He said that he will call anyone who does not accept ,and confirm that they are not accepting. He told me that I could call back monday, and he will have a better number for me. He also said he could be making calls to alternates as soon as tomorrow or friday
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    Thanks kellum22. I'm applying for the 1+1 in Moore as well did they mention at the meeting that it will take the 1+1members 5 semesters now instead of just 4? This is something being brought to the school board to be approved and if it is, that will effect us too! We will complete our LPN then take a 16 week transitional course at occc to prove we're prepared to continue with RN and then we complete our 3rd and 4th semester as long as we already have a LPN JOB ;-/. It kinda sucks but I guess it's better than not graduating at all right? So maybe ill see you in August. I'm still getting all my paperwork together for MNTC
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    I'm in! Was alternate #2! See you all at orientation! Woohoo

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